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You Meet a Clone of Yourself For an Hour

Discussion in 'General' started by psychoperson25, May 21, 2010.

  1. So who is the real person, then? If they're exactly the same :p If you lose you still win cuz you're still technically alive :p
  2. Def wouldnt fuck myself. Thats so, odd.
  3. The clone will disappear so the one who is left is the real one.
  4. I would have an incredible conversation out loud with myself, I think of all people as one identity so talking with a clone of myself wouldn't be a boring unfulfilling experience, and the fact that I am speaking out loud and others will here me talking to myself, yeah, we would have a lot of fucking fun.
  5. fight, but someone would definitely end up dead.

  6. oh, I'm retarded and missed the first line. LOL
  7. dude if the choice is seriously between fucking or fighting, i would choose fighting... because i'm not gay.

    but i'd rather seriously just talk to myself... how often do you get a chance to really take a look at how YOU look to other people. you could pick out areas to improve on and shit. it would be really intense, especially if you were baked at the time.

    it would be like talking into a mirror and the mirror talking back... whoa...could you imagine that?

    sorry, i'm pretty baked right now.
  8. [ame=]YouTube - JULIAN SMITH - You in Five Minutes[/ame]

    this is what would happen...dont open the box!?
  9. Honestly, I barely know what I'm doing half the time, so a fight would be interesting.

    ...Although, I've always wondered what my mouth felt like...
  10. I would definelty fight it. It would be like Neo fighting Neo.
  11. am i the only thing that thinks this is extremely gay? i don't give a shit if it's my clone, i'm not fucking a guy. i'd fight myself for sure. that'd be fucking awesome.
  12. i would sooooo fight myself. i think fightings fun but im kinda small, no fight club for me i'd get demolished....but me vs. me, oh god that'd be somethin.
  13. the real question is how would you get to leave the room. theres no doors or windows and its completely concrete room
  14. I think then the question would be how'd you get IN the room...That's like some Saw shit, wake up in a concrete room to You looking at you.
  15. I think girls just aren't as prone to be combative...

    My choice has nothing to do with what men find hot, I just think it would be fun to sixy-nine with me :laughing:

    Hahaha I don't think I'm an egotistical douche bag.. I would just rather give myself pleasure than hurt it...

    This doesn't apply to me, but do you forget that men have lots of pleasure zones in their butts? :D

  16. .....wait....what???

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