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You Meet a Clone of Yourself For an Hour

Discussion in 'General' started by psychoperson25, May 21, 2010.

  1. You realize, since your clone is an exact copy of you, he would also have this idea...
  2. hehe i have recording software and devices, i think the fact that a clone jam would be spontaneous and in person would make it so much better though

    like i would play a melody, my clone would be playing a rhythm that he could change spontaneously to fit the melody im playing, we could then switch the jam completely, have dueling lead parts, etc... it would be epic.
  3. most definitely a circle jerk
  4. What about if you fight it and the loser is the one that disappears. But to the rest of the world it wouldn't matter because you still emerge from the room.
  5. I'd kill him and harvest his organs for transplanting later in life when mine begin to fail
  6. out of those 2 choices, I'd fight it. Like another poster said, no way me or my clones taking it up the ass. I'd rather just chill, and be like yo remember that time when.. Or play some games
  7. definitely fuck it!

    i'm been told i have a delicious body, so i'd like to find out first hand. ;)

    plus, why would i purposely injure myself and...myself? haha
  8. you think maybe my clone and your clone know :D
  9. Also, I would test the true OD limit on him. First, I'd make him eat as many edibles covered in oil as he could. Then I'd smoke that fool out until he passed out and connect a full cpap mask (with the machine somehow altered to push out weed instead of air) on his face while he's sleep...If/when he wakes up there will be 5 full packs of zigzags (160 joints) rolled and dipped in oil....

    haha i crack myself up
  10. Id talk to myself and see if im full of shit
  11. I'd fight my clone...just imagine how epic fighting yourself would be. A fight would be way cooler if it was inside like an American Furniture Warehouse or a saltwater taffy factory though.
  12. BATTLE ROYAL!!! :que mortal kombat theme song:

    I would try to give myself the axe kick, but then I would know it was coming. I then procede to do a kamehameha wave, but I would block would move out of the way because I am at kaioken x4. That means I'm fast....

    On a serious note. I would fight myself. It would be challenging, yet very fun and entertaining too. "I'm kicking my own ass... do you mind?"
  13. Did I forget to mention the clone disappears at the end of the hour? Also there is absolutely nothing in the room except you him and the clothes you are wearing. So if that makes some of you more comfortable with fucking it or even killing it.

    I'm loving the replies in here though
  14. dude theres no way in this world or the next that i wud pack my own fudge.
    fuck that.
  15. I'd spend the entire hour trying to convince the clone that he is actually me and that I'm the clone.

    If that got boring, I'd clone the clone and fight both of them at the same time. That way, if I kick my own ass, I'll have a good excuse since I was outnumbered.

    Then I'd go with oldskookgrower's dueling guitar idea, except I'd make the clone use a banjo and go for more of a Deliverance theme, leaving out any parts that involve squealing like a pig.
  16. i would sober up a bit and step away from the big mirror.
  17. hahahaha best reply period
  18. I would fuck myself.

    That way, when someone tells me "fuck you"....I'll be like " I already have baby :ey:"

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