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You make me Erl.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Hash INC, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. so who was it exactly??

    I dont expect full names

    but who was that majestic person that first made you errl?

    I was about the tender age of 15 when I began breaking into the hash game. Keif then ISO then butane and bubble.

    say I was 16 17 when I had my first REAL BHO oil. knocked my socks off.

    all thanks to a man name SeedManJay donno if that name holds weight around these parts but he was a trail blazer in my area fucking 10 years ago.

    without him, I may not have ever became the successful grower I am today.

    I miss that cat. Hada bit of a fallen out after he moved.

    One love people

    lets hear it!:hello:
  2. errl? am i missing something?

    wtf is errl? am i outta the loop again?
  3. he is reffering to bho oil

    i havent tried any yet . but when i do its gona b made by my n a few other friends!

  4. yeap yeap BHO Butane Honey Oil or even QWISO / full melt bubble
  5. [quote name='"Hash INC"']

    yeap yeap BHO Butane Honey Oil or even QWISO / full melt bubble[/quote]

    oh ok gotcha...

    never tried it...hmmm, ill have to lurk in the section about this stuff more often and try it

    anyone care to give me a 3 sentence tutorial or perhaps linking a thread? im on my phone and don't feel like searching atm
  6. Made my first run on my own! Figured out purging, then whippin, Now its me, my torch, my rig, and dabs all day long! My friends shit when i run 2 oz then throw away the material after.. But they just dont understand!
  7. How to make it
    [ame=]how to make B.H.O and Budder - YouTube[/ame]

  8. I know, its hard for people to understand its trash now.

    or at least close enough were Im not investing hours of time to get a crap second run
  9. And heres how ya smoke it!
    Me and my rig! With my new Shirt!
    [ame=]Inspector Dabbit - YouTube[/ame]
  10. No on in my town dabs! So unfortunately I will have to wait.

    Although a fellow blade may be bringing some oil to Scamp :)

  11. what do you wanna be linked to? a tutorial?
  12. ya one was already posted, wasn't available on mobile app but am about to hop on my laptop
  13. QWISO is simple enough.

    you got pot

    you got potential oil
  14. jar

    coffee filter



    Pyrex dish
  15. Hash man, you even been to dabtube?

  16. Hash oil

  17. My good friend Mikey J. showed me the way. It's been a very good year out here in dab city :smoking:
  18. headsup that video

    NEVER make BHO inside ever
  19. #19 Hash INC, Mar 29, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2012

    honestly this video did nothing but make me cringe.

    its basically giving you a tutorial on how to blow the windows outa your house.

    Purging full cans of very flamable liquid through a PVC ( witch is not a good idea, causes cancer Ive heard) in your HOUSE is a huggggge no no. everytime

    please dont just take advice cause you saw a video this guy while I notice has made some awesome oil and a good tutorial over all has failed to mention the dangers that are always present while making your extractions

    Butane is combustible, respect it. Go outside were it is well ventilated

    PVC is not your best option for a tube. matter of fact I dont include it at all.

    my opinions.
  20. #20 Hash INC, Mar 29, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2012

    awesome man, spread the oil.

    the only one who actually posted what I had asked hahah :ey:

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