You lucky SOBs in Amsterdam, don't take for granted what you got!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DeeJayBoy, Mar 9, 2001.

  1. I just got a little gift in the mail today. An envelope with UBER WEED in it. I ordered online, through email from one of my guys, I ordered some yummy stuff called Victory or White Widow(I don't remember which one I ordered). It is the most stoney bud I have EVER smoked. I live in the pacific northwest US and we are conisdered to have good pot. Well, I have smoked the finest local buds for 6 years. But this stuff from the Netherlands is bionic cronic man. Two bong hits and I was on my ass, playing statue, zoning on the WWF. My oh my. Good golly Miss Molly. You are some lucky cats, don't ever take for granted the quality of herb you people have. :D
  2. Hehehehe! We won't deejay! Enjoy it to the max!

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  3. Amen man, just happened to recieve a little baggie myself today. NL#5xHaze bud, incredible stuff man, Amsterdam really does have the best bud in the world.
  4. High everybody ,have been away for a while,and i saw that this board is still a nice place ,and it's getting interesting.
    I just looked arround and read some posts here and there,way to go people.
    I can totally agree with DeeJayBoy about his topic starter and i couldn't say it better,i have the luck that i know a few services that are legit, so i don't have tto go out there to get me some ,and risk my life or get busted.I won't and i couldn't cause i am a spoiled person now ,regarding this quality of the herb from the holy land.
    You guys out there in amsterdam,don't take this for granted,you are truly blessed,and thanks for those few people who help us out.
    Amen,Halleluja,Peace and later day's.
    And now i will have a couple of hits from some kind kind whitewidow..............

    :p :D :cool:
  5. i decided to see how far back i could go... and i went up two... this is the 3rd to last post listed
  6. ...Wait, you got weed mailed to you?

    I'm surprised it wasn't stopped along the way or you didn't get a call from the feds or something lol. And it went overseas too?.. That's crazy lol.

    EDIT: Oh.. old post...
  7. Damn, this is pretty old. What the hell?
  8. cryptic messages...
  9. Almost a 9 year bump... wtf
  10. dude..
  11. do you have an issue with my not liking the last topic as much?
  12. i was wondering when i was reading why the OP's slang was so weird. 2001 explains it.

  13. I know of two public MoM (Mail order marijuana) sites that are legit and wont get me caught. It's great bud but they put the prices high to deter dealers.

    I'm hoping some day I'll luck out and get an invite to a private MoM site, but it doesn't seem that likely to happen. I'm a good guy, but it's just too hard to get people to trust you online. *sigh*

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