You love Hip Hop ?

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  1. what are your albums you will always listen to no matter what ?

    albums on permanent rotation iLLmatiC
    Reasonable Doubt
    The Realness
    Doe or Die
    Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous
    It was written
    Black Album
    Ironman ... hopefully more to come.

    albums that are close

    Reks-Grey Hairs (best so far of 08)
    Supreme Clientele (check mighty healthy)
    The Infamous
    Below The Heavens-Blue n Exile
    Gangstarr-Moment of Truth

    prob more having brain farts
  2. Illmatic - Nas
    The Unseen - Quasimoto
    Blackstar - Blackstar
    Stankonia - Outkast
    Return to the Mecca - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
    The Low-End Theory - A Tribe Called Quest
    Stakes is High - De La Soul
    36 Chambers - Wu Tang
    Liquid Swords - GZA
    Donuts - J Dilla
    Hello Nasty - Beastie Boys
    When Disaster Strikes.. - Busta Rhymes
    I Wish my Brother George Was Here - Del tha Funkee Homosapien
    The Platform - Dilated People's
    The Chronic - Dr. Dre
    Soundpieces: Da Antidote! - Lootpack
    Things Fall Apart - the Roots
    93 til Infinity - Souls of Mischief

    so much more...too lazy to list
  3. Oh man..

    Reasonable Doubt
    36 Chambers
    The Chronic
    Liquid Swords
    Ready to Die

    So many good ones..
  4. People Under the Stairs - The Next Step
    Aesop Rock - Float
    Outkast - ATLiens
    Gangstarr - Moment of Truth
    Talib Kweli - Relfection Eternal
    Hieroglyphics - Full Circle
    Black Star - Black Star
    CunninLynguists - Southernunderground
    Deep Puddly Dynamics - The Taste of Rain....Why Kneel?
    Calicomm 2004

    god... so much more. I'm drawing blanks. I'll get back to this.
  5. Hip hop is the most talentless bullshit ever made. I wouldn't call it music because none of those faggots have any musical talent. You could argue maybe one or two of them do, but most just pay people to make generic beats and fuckin little synth sound shit. While the "artists" write (omg how hard) shit that rhymes, if they don't pay some one to do that! I want one of the assholes to sit and write instrumental music that actually takes talent to make, until then I can not take any of those people serious. Any mother fucker can rap.
  6. Yea because learning to play some simple guitar riffs takes so much talent. Dude I bet that you couldn't even figure out how to use the equipment to make rap beats let alone spit halfway decent raps.
  7. those are good underground ones, but also

    Wu tang-enter the 36 chambers
    dr. dre. the chronic
    snoop dog-doggystyle

    and for some reason

    Atmospheres-God loves ugly

    always makes me geek out.
  8. LMFAO! Wow holy fuck I'm sure it takes sooo much talent to use equipment, damn if I only knew someone who could press buttons. BTW, I've been recording and writing music for 13 years so don't even give me that bullshit. A few simple riffs? I've been playing guitar for 20 years and I am enraged that you call what I do simple riffs. Listen to Muhammed Suicmez, Alexi Laiho, Zakk Wylde, Kirk Hammet, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteem, etc. I'd rather spend 20 minutes learning how to use fucking computer software then spend years mastering an instrument to make money. But hey, I prefer talent.
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    Any motherfucker can chug a powerchord in drop C :wave:

    Also, if any motherfucker can rap, I'm calling you out. Post a video or an audio file of your OWN rap. You say anyone can, so put your money where your mouth is.

    Spit an ill verse.

    If you were informed about the music, you would realize that the PRODUCERS write the music, while rappers are simply lyricists. Most producers don't make "generic beats and fuckin little synth sound shit", they intelligently find SPECIFIC samples on vinyl, and alter the samples to make it their own. Or, they record drum, bass, and synth sounds themselves and edit it using programs.

    Maybe you should stop listening to shitty, rap, eh? Listen to J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and Madlib. All INSTRUMENTAL HIP HOP, like you want.

    That being said, I love metal and I love hip hop. Meshuggah, Death, old Metallica, Megadeth, Children of Bodom, Slayer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, etc.

    Why be so discriminatory?

    Also, your examples of "guitar virtuosos" are really quite pathetic. They are gratutious bullshit artists, to say the least.

    Try listening to Miles Okazaki, Adam Rogers, John McLaughlin, Wayne Krantz, Bill Frisell, or any jazz guitarist. Their level of technique and mastry of the instrument can't even be fucking compared to these "shredders" that you listed.

    You will realize that these metal clowns simply learn how to play arpeggios and scales in the modes of the major scale, melodic minor, or harmonic minor really fast, simply for shock value. That have little to offer melodically or emotionally. Do you even know what I'm talking about? Does your "talent" help you when I ask you this:

    What is the sixth mode of harmonic minor called, and what is the scale make up of it? What chord can you use over it?

    It's called Lydian #9, and you can play a F^7#9#11 over it, which equals (i.e) Asus2^7/F. A truly beautiful sound.
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    yah everyone is DJ premier and Pete rock

    its SOOOOO easy

    you must think every artist is soulja boy
  11. I'm still waiting for the EPIC, inhibitor-style self-produced RAP. Come on man, "any mother fucker can rap"!

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