you know youre high when...

Discussion in 'General' started by LittleWing420, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. i have a theory that everyone has their own tell tale signs of being high. for example,i get the sensation that i cant feel my teeth(not that i usually can but, you know). so, what are some things that happen to you that always let you know "im high".
  2. Packing a bowl in my new bong I just bought myself !! :)
  3. mainly reality is "swimming" and i start thinking about a billion different things in a billion different ways haha.

    everything seems very "deep" and such
  4. When someone is phishing for passwords, and you fall for their trap. ;)

  5. haha i was gonna put that originally lol
  6. When you see a house on fire and you use it to relight a blunt
  7. I turn one useless thought into a string of 10 different tangents and deep investigations, then ask myself if I just did that, then realise I'm asking myself questions.

    Also if I speak, I can hear my voice more clearly, and I hate it. If i'm sober I don't mind.
  8. Life just makes so much more sense when I'm high. I understand people and imagine them as much chiller people to be around.
    I laugh, a lot. When I smoke a lot a lot, I go SLUMP.

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