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You know you're baked when...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ganjagamer, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Just curious to see the responses. I'll go first.

    I know I'm baked when I start watching Daft Punk music videos instead of playing Skyrim.
  2. when people tell you to open your eyes
  3. When I forget what I was doing and open up grasscity :bongin:
  4. When you try to rewind a song playing on the radio.
  5. #5 hippie4u, Nov 22, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2011
    When i cant get up.

    When Bills come in for late night purchases.
  6. I love playing Skyrim baked haha..

    When I stare at a wall understanding life, then I realize I just understood life.
  7. You start saying "What were we just talking about?" after everything lol
  8. forgetting what i was watching during almost every commercial
  9. You know you're baked when you find commercials more entertaining than the actual show.
    You know you're baked when you find a sandwich already made in the kitchen, only to realize you made it a long time ago and forgot about it.
    You know you're baked when... you're too high to finish..
  10. spent an hour discussing politics with my dad.
  11. What were we talkin' about again?
  12. Or maybe trying to fast forward through commercials, but you don't have a DVR.
  13. When I start writing things on GC that make absolutely no sense :smoke:
  14. U know your baked when u take 10 minutes to post on gc because u can't think of that word in your head
  15. you know you are baked when you are stoned
  16. When you have to decide "Do I wana sit here and continue listening to my iPod, or go inside the hotel? Cuz I'm too high to walk and listen to music, I'll get too distracted/spaced out and stumble into a wall or counter or something n then mom will Know I'm stoned."
  17. When you walk downstairs to get something and completly forget why and then you zone out into the kitchen
  18. When you try and start your car with a lighter instead of keys.
  19. When it's 4 am and you wake up in the lazy boy with the bong still between your legs and figure...may as well make it an early day.
  20. When you run out of log in attempts on and have to wait 15 fucking minutes just to try again, simply because you forgot to capitalize certain letter/s in your password *facepalm*

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