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You know your weeds good when....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Too420High, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. You open your stash jar in your room for 2 minutes, You close it,
    Leave your room for 25 mins, come back and it smells like a dank nugget in your room :smoke::smoke:
  2. you know your stash is good when your parents find it and they come back asking for more
  3. And then you find out your stash jar has a leak;) Damnit!
  4. you know your weeds good when you smoke it and get high as fuck

  5. :laughing:

    you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE. for not sharing that stuff with me damn....
  6. When you buy 1/2 an O and it doesn't last the ride home.
  7. When your smelling a fat dank nug and you shoot a load in your shorts
  8. when you first take a sniff and the smell hits you good....
  9. How long of a ride is that?? haha I wanna get down on that shit!:smoke:
  10. When they come back and have you go pick them up 1/4 of that shit. lol:smoke:
  11. :bongin: you hit that shit and all you say is " damn"

  12. whys it sparklin n i g g a whys it sparklin
  13. when it sounds like your exhaling a yawn, when you exhale a hit
  14. When the contents of your bowels and organs eject from your body after you take a rip.
  15. When your friends ask if it's laced.. It's not, you just high as fuck.
  16. That would be terribly bad weed. I don't know too many people who can just face a half o of dank while driving.
  17. When it looks like the nug is coated in sugar

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