You know your high when......

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TokerBear, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. you put potatoe chips in the freezer and go back to the freezer 20 minutes later to find yourr potatoe chips and stare at them laughing for 5 mins :smoke:
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    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 23, 2010 put the hot glue gun in the pantry, the cookies in the fridge and the coke in the closet where the hot glue gun should be...

    true story i was looking for that coke for ever and after half and hour i was like "fuck it ill just have more cookies" and go for the pantry. i open it and find the glue gun. i eventually found the coke and it confused the fuck outta me cuz i do not remember at all putting it there(even to this day i do not remember) and then i was like "Damn.....I'm blazed" and laughed for 5 mins
  3. ...when you make yet another one of these threads instead of using the search feature.
  4. when you cant think of something to come up with. :smoking:
  5. I'm a wake n baker...and i luv me some coffee in the morning :cool:

    you know your high pour coffee for you and your hon, enjoy it and a mornin bowl of attitude....and then you want another cup of coffee and you can't for the life of you find where you put the coffee decanter....:eek:

    30 mins later I discovered it in the freezer :confused: musta thought the coffee needed cooling off??? naaaaaaaahh
  6. When you look at something not so funny and crack up laughing.

  7. I didn't tell everybody to share their ''you know your high whens''

    i made it because i wanted to share what i did, for a laugh.

    and i was to lazy to search for shit. Don't cry about it.
  8. copied thread is copied
  9. When you find a skateboard in your cousin's car only to realize it's actually yours and you skate all the way to his house when you thought you left it somewhere else.
    I kid you not I, to this day, still believe I left the skateboard there and it magically teleported to his car.
  10. When your looking for your phone but your on it.......
  11. ...when you look through your BBC documentary collection and do not remember downloading more than half of them...
  12. you think you're near the end of an hour long drive then realize you've only gone 1 exit on the highway you're on
  13. When your so high that when you were so deeply attempting to use the search function for a thread like this (Because thats what any decent and normal person would do, amirite?), your bong just so happened to fall off of your shelf, hitting the backspace button on your keyboard, and knocking you unconcious for 3 and a half hours, leaving you in a confused daze.

    And by that point you obviously must have been too disoriented at the time to perform a forum search, so I understand your situation...

    :p I'm just blitted and wanted to bust someone scrotes.

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