You know your high when...........

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    I thought this would be a cool game to play. You ever get so high and converse with people about the oddest things and you realize halfway through the conversation that you have been having an intellectual conversational piece about old 90s nickelodeon sitcoms, fast food, etc. for the past half hour?

    One thing I realized I seem to talk a lot about are reptiles (I don't even know why) but I do when im really high.

    This would also include things you may find yourself doing that you wouldn't normally do sober

    so with that said

    You know your high when...............................
  2. your friend is tryiing to pass you the lighter and you cant understand what he wants.
  3. me and a freind were riding down the road smoking one day. when we got done he asked if i was high. i looked around then out the window for a minute and said ya i'm high. i asked him the same question and noticed him looking out the window too. So, i asked him what he was looking at he didn't really know. After doing this several times and thinking about and discussing it pretty hard we figured out we where looking at the trees. i dunno what it is about those trees but somhow they seem diffrent when your high.

    Next time you smoke with someone ask them if they got high and see what they do. They're gonna look around. Asking em what they're looking at and lemme know.
  4. you swear that your eyeballs itch

    your toooooo high when you actually scratch them
  5. You know youre high when youre on the moon in mexico and the yellow covered petunias are contemplating eating marmalade with mother goose episode 23 on the paramount of confusion with a submarine of loneliness waiting for the bedrock.
  6. theres a 10+ foot burmese python at my mom and dads.
  7. when you wish but forget that your job is to sit around smoke and "give" weed away all day until your friend points it out to you.
  8. you talk to yourself extensively.

    You know your REALLY stoned when afterwards you say aloud to yourself "you need to stop talking to yourself. oh shit". Lol done it many times myself:smoking:
  9. you have a panic attack halfway through the previews at a movie theater.
  10. c'mon guys this has been done so many times
  11. I know I'm high when I start justifying every single thing I do in my head, in preparation of someone questioning me. I get in really long and ridiculously fast paced arguments with myself.

    Not all the time, just every once in a while. It's my own private form of paranoia.

  12. Ha yeah been there, done that.
  13. I know like the other night when I went to go hand a cashier 3 dollars I was actually handing her a crumpled receipt. Cashier interaction is usually funny/I screw up

  14. I'm fairly new to the world of GC and never seen it before so I apologize for the inconvenience. I'm sure there have been plenty of repeated posts throughout GC's time though all I can really say is that history repeats itself?

    thanks for stoppin by
  15. You laugh at yourself in the mirror, thinking the person you are looking at looks really stoned.

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