You know your high when

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Popcorn, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. You know you are high when you order food, forget that you ordered food and then order more food. I saw a story about a guy who got the munchies while high he went to Subway on his bike and when he got home he saw a strange car in his driveway. It was the pizza delivery man who brought the pizza he forgot he ordered.
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  2. Sometimes I will make a call, and I say something like "Hey how are you?", and they say "good, how are you"? and then I say "Great, how are you?".
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  3. You know you're high when you karate chop your carrots and fly kick potatos across your kitchen.
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  4. When you use your computer's volume to turn down your cellphone's music volume like I just did.
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  6. When you for your $7 change from del taco and say F*©k it, drive 3/4 of a mile and just wanna go to sleep
  7. you keep asking yourself if your high, trying everything to convince yourself your not....
    I see this daily, just as I'm about to leave for a store or anywhere out of the yard. I tell myself over and over I'm ok, then the moment the truck starts you realize how high you are and driving isn't a option. Thats when I know I'm high.

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