You know your high when

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Popcorn, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. When you feel like a plush toy sitting next to you is staring into your soul.
  2. When your staring at the ceiling questioning if your high while laying down, or when your halfway through a bowl and asking yourself if you should continue.
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  3. The remote control ends up in the fridge
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  4. I remember when I was first smoking, I got so high I accidentally rested my legs on the top of burning hookah coals. Not one of my proudest moments. haha
  5. Nicely done. Looks like it would be worth the extra work.

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  6. When you check the time 5 minutes after checking the time.
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  7. When The Complete FreeBSD (1999 edition) catches your eye on the shelf and it's the most fascinating shit you've read in ages.


    (I've kept the book in my library because I'm a nerd and FreeBSD was my bag way back when)
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  8. when you get lost in an alley way in town with four streets that youve been living in for five plus years..... with your friend whos been living there longer haha.
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  9. When you eat a 12" pizza then start eating your mum's meal (me at pub today lmao)
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  10. I once got so high that I started to imagine the lyrics of the song that was on radio (very vivid images too), and got so scared that I freaked out and puked. But in my defense, it was a bad batch too, never had that happen to me ever again.
  11. When you try to remember if Charlie Brown and snoopy were ever on the Muppet show .
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  12. You know you're high when you're mulling your next sesh while it's still in the baggy.
  13. Food tastes 10x better than normal.
  14. “You know you’re high when” it takes you two hours to finish showering. Spending 25 minutes scrubbing in between your toes.

    I can’t get out of the shower while stoned. Wash every inch of my body twice.

    I believe I’ve done that many times with my pepperoni Pizza. That’s awesome :)
  15. Do you get a long cloth and back and forth it between your ass and balls?
  16. I do!

  17. Get onto sandalwood soap. Luxurious, boiy.

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  18. Will do man. Ty for the tip!
  19. You know you are high when you order food, forget that you ordered food and then order more food. I saw a story about a guy who got the munchies while high he went to Subway on his bike and when he got home he saw a strange car in his driveway. It was the pizza delivery man who brought the pizza he forgot he ordered.

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