You know your getting there when

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  1. a bro hands you a glass of champagne and you spill it on the side of your couch. Awesome times in my life. :rolleyes:
  2. I don't get it?:smoking:
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    Getting drunk. I think.

    Or starting to see bad signs of trembles.
  4. when you try and drink the bong water, thinking its your glass of water.
  5. You now you're getting there when you smoking weed at 3AM on a online forum listening to Aaliyah (RIP) covered in rice pudding and mini peanut butter cups but not phased due to a strong belief in your ability to one day elevate your life to the next level.
  6. You know your getting there when you realize what the threads about.
  7. when its 12:45 and it was 12:40 a half hour ago
  8. You know when you're getting there when you're listening to Moby.

    Moby just isn't good when you're not high.
  9. I don't even know....:smoking::hippie:
  10. When people feel the need to bring it up to you in conversation
  11. Your know your getting top the point of intoxication.

  12. Glad to see more people are taking advantage of their Wednesday night too:hello:
  13. I hate to reference wiz khalifa because I don't really enjoy his music that much(although he does have a few I like)..but, when you're getting "on your level" i think he is trying to say.
  14. fuck wiz haha love that *****.....
  15. When your smokeing the wrong end o a cig for a good 7 drags then ask yourself "Why does this taste shitty?" and then take another drag before realizing your smoking filter lol

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