you know your a pothead when..

Discussion in 'General' started by blazed * angel, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. everyone just add something to the list and we'll see what we have at the end.

    you know your a pothead when..every employee at the corner store knows you and your friends by name.
  2. when you smoke by yourself!
  3. shit sorry :S
  4. when the most exciting moment of your life comes with an Oz. of really bunk shit for $80...... you smoke half in a night....... wake up blazed....... and realize there are only 10 days to wait for your grandmothers mass supply of weed.
  5. when you smoke lots of pot.
  6. When you're driving down the road and all of a sudden you realize you just rolled a j without ever thinking about it. (true story)

    When you have over $100 in ones from serving at a restaraunt and have no qualms about shoving them off on your dealer.

    When you're in a hotel and you can't figure out why your card doesn't work until your realize you're on the wrong damn floor. (happened last week)

    When you're content just to lay out back on the ground and watch the nifty patterns the smoke makes.

    When you and your friends are together and you can't figure out what to do so you decide to smoke because it may provide some sort of inspiration, but never does so you sit there and keep smoking.

    When you consider yourself a conneseur (sp?) of blunt flavors.

    When you can suprise people by walking outside with a lighter, a pen, a powerade bottle, and tiny piece of foil and walk in with a fully functional bong less than two minutes later. (Boy was Stacy's mom suprised at how well and fast I did that)
  7. When nearly all of the favourite links on ur computer are somehow related to weed.

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