You know whats good?

Discussion in 'General' started by Rhythm of Life, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. A motherfuckin salad.

    Thats right. A salad. I haven't eaten one in ages and after smoking some Woody Hash outa my vaporizer and a few bowls in the bong I made this:


    Who here is down with the salad?
  2. i love me an un healthy salad :)
  3. What's that clump of white stuff on top?
  4. glorious parmesan, i believe
  5. ok, replace the jarred parmesan with freshly grated, and you have a winner :hello:
  6. Yeah but on a college students budget the jarred goes hard. :D
  7. of course i'm down this looks dank
  8. Salads are magical things, good for you yet amazing.
  9. That salad looks yummmmmmyyyy...I love me a good salad.

    Sometimes I'll even just eat salads with no dressing. Fuck yes! :yay:
  10. this makes me hungry
  11. Yeah I'm down with the salad. I love me a mean potato salad... and a beautiful coleslaw every now and then. Mmmmmmm looks delicious man!
  12. i made an all baby-spinach one tonight with Parmesan and ranch
    was tastey
  13. im down with salad
  14. looks like lots are down with the salad
  15. yeah i fucks with salad

    funny you posted this cause my mum just got some new salad bowl set

    and a bunch of salad

    looking forward to eating it :)

    ill try and get some pics up on this thread if its by the weekend
  16. salad is fucking BOMB
  17. I love salad, but not with any meat in it. Salad and meat don't go together for me.
  18. This thread made me want a salad ... and I'm out of lettuce. :(
  19. I thought you were talking about a pot salad...

    Mothafuckas is good.
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    Salad is bomb.

    Making chicken ceaser salad is my purpose in life.

    Im am down with the muthafucking salad.

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