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you know what's funny?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr.Redeye, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Hobos.

    you know those people that live under bridges and drink cheap fortified wine and pick up cans for a living? they usually have big puffy beards too. they look soft. soft like a baby's bottom. but they're old. perhaps old people are not so different from us. like kangaroos are not so different from joeys. and duck billed platypuses are like duck billed platty... eggs... cause they lay eggs... like turkeys that we eat for thanksgiving, but you weird American people eat thanksgiving at a different time then us. who are you to judge when we are to eat? i tell you, if a turtle could beat an armadillo in a race i'd eat my cat! but i don't have a cat... so i'd eat my hat. hat is a funny word, it starts with h, like hippo. hippos fart from their mouths. i bet you didn't know that smart guy. see? even when i'm stoned i sound intelligeant.
  2. bum fights are funny
  3. if hippos fart through their mouth, and farting is very similar to burping... couldnt you just say they burp?
  4. I for one thought that made a lot of sense, keep up the heavey thinking when high. It will only make you understand life just that much better.

  5. applause.

  6. I despise you.

  7. i love you man... that brightened my day
  8. That somehow made some stange sense. Like how bums aren't that different than hippos :)

    Hip Hop anonymous.

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