You know what they say about lightning striking twice?

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    Well, sometimes they're wrong :laughing:
    [ame=]YouTube - INCREDIBLE. Man struck by lightning and walks away[/ame]

    Word is its a fake
  2. i dont think this is real... i could be wrong
  3. That phrase is stupid. Lightning strikes tall building hundreds of times each year. As for the video, who knows.
  4. There's no way that's real but I laughed my ass off haha
  5. This is true. When I lived in Pensacola, Florida, many buildings were struck so much they had to install lightning rods.
  6. Funny, before I saw that vid last night, I saw this one earlier in the day-

    [ame=]YouTube - Old man struck by lightning[/ame]
  7. Man down! :laughing:
  8. I like how they both get up and just act is if shit was a slap in the face
  9. First video is fake, second one the guys is getting hit with some real high voltage. Lightening flashes multiple times when it hits, not just a quick bolt and done.
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    there's some dude that's been struck by lightning like 7 times or something and is still alive. he has a world record for it. dunno his name but i'm sure a quick google can find him.


    ok well i guess he isn't still alive but not because of the lightning


  11. not sure if it's fake or not, but why aren't there any other flashes of lightning? just that single one?


  12. Both fake.
  13. That is fake. He would be BBQ if it were real.
  14. By the way, whether these are fake or not, people have survived lighting strikes.

    I heard a presentation from a guy who was struck while fishing. He was pretty heavy, and said the EMTs were having a hard time getting him into the ambulance, so he just got up (ears bleeding profusely) and climbed in.

    Crazy stuff.

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