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you know what rocks?

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. being able to get up with only an hour left of the monring (11am) and still have PLENTY of time to get ready for work and even come and tell you guys this. lol

  2. that may rock..but you know what rocks even more?

    Getting a nice deal of cannabis :)
  3. congrats. i woke up at 9 50 in the AM and i got nothin to do but smoke this here bowl.
  4. lol

    so... you been on the internet? they got some coool stuff on that internet.

  5. They have the internet on computers now! It's awesome!

  6. i know, i prefere it on calculaters tho.


  7. what really rocks is getting up at 10pm and going to work (smoking a jay in the car of course). then around 3am smoke half a jay while at work and after 7am when I get off smoke the rest of the doob on the drive home laughing at the poor saps going to their square jobs.

  8. how the hell do you stay awake after smoking reefer, especially that late? you must sleep during the day then, right?

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