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You know what I think?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Luvs2splooj, May 30, 2009.

  1. I think weed is supposed to be like good wine, and caviar.
    Like a good cigar
    Very upscale that you savor.
  2. I didn't do this until recently, but I had bought a new chillum and I packed a bowl and inhaled a bit before lighting it. I got to taste the bud really well.
  3. I agree. That's why I don't smoke schwag. It's like cheap beer.
  4. I dont think it's like Wine, its more like upperclass beer, yeah you enjoy it and you taste it but, you still wanna get drunk
  5. I agree with everybody

    i also love weed

  6. I dont think weed is supposed to be anything.

    Ive heard people say your supposed to smoke with your friends thats how its meant to be smoked. I think its all personal preference.

    Its just weed and its just a natural plant.

    Yes, It can be upscale like fine wines and cigars. But theres still all the hood *****s smokin. I dont think they look at weed the same way.

    Wine and caviar are things we invented. Weed is what you make of it.
  7. You can also use that shit for personal growth ya know. Mary jane is on her own two. When I puff that piff, I feel like I can kiss god.(In a spiritual way)

    And other times I feel like I just wanna chill with friends and clown and listen to songs and smoke and listen and I love weed. *Tear*:cry:

  8. we did not invent fish eggs :p

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