you know what i hate....

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  1. bitches.

    the kind of bitches that are always bein bitches.

    the kind that after your date them and have some good times with them they shut you out by ignoring you and trying to avoid you.

    god girls are bitches sometimes
  2. i feel that, man. I just got over a girl like that. What a fuckin' bitch she was....not really that fun, either.
  3. I totally agree man
  4. I've been lucky I guess.
  5. yep, i feel ya

    I also hate when women wont maintain eye contact for more than a glance cos they r tyring to show how they arent interested, i mean for fucks sake
  6. Yeh those kind suck.
  7. I hate girls that try to act hard all the no 1 is better then them, and then when they see someone that is better they try to fight self control whatsoever........such a turn off
  8. Heh, the anti-girl thread.
    Yeah, girls can be bitches. But sometimes you just gotta get over them and find someone better. Don't dwell on how much you hate girls that do this and that...just forget about them. Realize they aren't good enough for you, and just go and find someone who won't ignore you, or not keep eye contact.
    I had a friend that was with a girl, and they hit it off real well, but then she started ignoring him. So in responce, he just stopped calling, trying to get another date with her, etc. A few weeks later she called him telling him how much she missed talking to him and wanted to hang out.
    Sometimes girls play the "i'm not interested game" to try to snag more attention. But also remember, that a good reason to why they ignore you might be because they don't really want to date you much any more and don't know how to break it to you.
    There's many possibilities; girls (and guys, too) are crazies when it comes to dating/relationships/etc.
    Just hang in there. Or turn gay. :p

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