you know what i dont understand.....

Discussion in 'General' started by dylan843, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. i dont understand why...

    everyone( most people anywhay) gets the munchies and eats a shitload when there high

    but every stoner i meet is skinny/muscle

    and somewhere are 30-40% of people that i see against it, and fatasses

    its like that thing "what came first, the chickin or the egg"

    well acculy its not like that at all, but its really backwords like that...

    pardon me if that didnt make any sense, im pretty dam high right now.....
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    Im a slim stoner...and eat alot.
    just dont gain weight like that/sit on my ass all day
  3. i'd say 50-60 % of my friends that blaze are deffinatly bigger...
  4. I'm a fat stoner.
  5. im a festively plump stoner :smoking:
  6. lean and mean
  7. I'm fat, but my qualities are more like a bear.

    You don't fuck with a bear, especially while it's sleeping.
  8. Im skinny as shit, eat constantly, smoke my nightly blunts!
  9. Everyones metabolism is different, and younger people tend to have a higher metabolism.
  10. i'm a skinny stoner who munches pretty bad...i've always wondered if weed kept me slim somehow, it seems like there is a disproportionate amount of slim tokers

  11. lmmfao

    im a thin/muscley stoner... that felt gay to write lol
  12. What came first? Marijuana or the munchies?
    a HAaa!

  13. hahaha^
  14. im pretty husky myself
  15. I think it's safe to say that being a stoner doesn't increase your chance of becoming fat. :p

    To the heavy weights in this thread: Did you gain weight before or after you started smoking?

  16. In any case marijuana, it was around before humans were.
  17. I'm a skinny stoner who just doesn't gain weight.
    I don't get the munchies and I don't like to eat in front of people either, so I usually don't eat even if I get them on that rare occassion.
    Maybe I'm weird. :eek:
  18. I'm a skinny stoner, I only very rarely overdo it and eat too much when I have the munchies though.
  19. I'm somewhere in between. I eat only healthy food though, I guess that if I did eat alot of munchies I'd get fat.
  20. its metabloism. I outeat everybody, eat shitty fastfood all the time, am literally always eating - whether its a homecooked meal, mcdonalds, candy or a slim jim... im always eating something. I'm about 5'7 125lbs. I eat quick, i eat a lot, and i couldnt gain weight if i wanted to (ive tried)

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