You know those dark circles under eyes?

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  1. How the fuck do you get rid of them? I sleep enough on average, I've heard once a long time ago it was allergy-related or something which might make sense since I'm allergic to practically everything. :mad:
  2. I heard from a friend it means you have too low iron in your bloodstream (He was talking about his kid). I used to have them real bad. So I started up taking a multi-vitamin, and they have cleared up quite a bit.

    Whether or not that's the true reason for them, I think there's many causes of the dark circles. You say you're getting enough sleep, which should help. Mine healing up could just be a coincidence.
  3. try drinking more water, you may be dehydrated
  4. Aw thanks for the tips, I already take a multivitamin and I drink a lot of water on a daily basis. Guess I'll keep looking.
  5. It could just be genetic. I always have them regardless of how much sleep I get or what I eat, and a bunch of people on my mom's side of the family are the same. I'm pretty skinny though so I guess malnutrition could be a factor.
  6. Leeches. Seriously. It's blood that's collected under your eyes that's leaked from capiliaries I believe.
  7. if nothing works you could always start to wear makeup ;)
  8. When I wake up in the morning my face is very pale and my mother is the same way. She has very little iron in her blood. I forget the name of the ailment but she suspects I have it too. I want to say when I asked the doctor he said I was bulimic but that's an eating disorder, it was some sort of emic or something like that.
  9. enemia
  10. I have the same issue, and I find that using an ice pack greatly reduces the bags under my eyes. I just apply it to each eye for a few minutes each morning, and it works relatively well.

    Give it a try, you might be lucky too.
  11. Thank you.
  12. i hang out with a guy which for some reason he just doesnt eat, so i guess it means he is suffering from anerxia. he is about 6'3" and 145lbs, im 5'9" and i 130lbs, so im still pretty skilly but you can see every bone in this dudes torso, its fucking groose. Anyways....every time he smokes it looks like someone came up to him and punched him in both eyes. Its rather funny but he is very self-concious, hints the eating disorder. Do you eat enough calories a day?
  13. idk man...i think you get it from smokin weed cuase ALOT of my pothead friends(including me) only got bags under our eyes after we started blazing.
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    I think it has a lot to do with how much you smoke, especially if you like to smoke close to when you go to bed... the more I smoke towards bed-time, the more tired I feel and the more I sleep all day. If you're still high when you fall asleep your REM sleep gets all messed up so you don't rest as much. Less restful sleep = tired eyes.
  15. I have them but I know the cause.. my girlfriend has them and she doesnt drink or do drugs. I think it is a genetic thing.
  16. wet a tea bag
  17. [​IMG]

    Seriously, during the school year I was regularly working through the night all the time and got 3-4 hours of sleep on a good night. Using this shit is the only thing that kept me from looking like a zombie 24/7.
  18. sometimes dark bags under your eyes is a sign of kidney problems

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