You know the world is really an ugly place at times

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  1. I mean at the end of the day were just a higher evolved more complicated form of animal, to in the end fight over food, resources, and land, like all species do. There's so much hypocricy in life and the people on top always take advantage of whoever they can, just like the people on the bottom who steal and take to survive. Everyone's guilty, it's in our dna.

    Everyone's job is to fuck everyone else over and it's all about how you can spin things and situations to make yourself the hero. Just like these people in the middle east who think their god tells them to kill everyone else. That's how people are in the core. That's how all civilizations are to varying extents. Everyone has negative and positve energy but they both exist and nobody's innocent.

    I don't trust anybody, at the end no one has your back, because nothing lasts forever. The ugly hypocracy and narcisisim in life is unbeliveable. So much that it's hard to look at. Worse than any plot you could write for a movie, the truth is much more brutal. Like I said I trust nobody. You may think that's cynical but at the end of the day it's the truth.
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  4. 1. Guilt is something learned, brush up on nature vs. nurture. Guilt is not genetic.
    2. You're only describing hedonist and narcissist
    3. You're generalizing and not taking individual's temperament's into consideration.
    4. You not trusting anyone is your own personal paranoia.
    5. Not everyone in the middle east are religious zealots or radicals, there are intelligent people in all corners of the world.
    6. Not everyone is trying to be seen as a hero, there are levels of individuality in life, such as "Self-Actualization" which some people never reach.
    7. Survival is rooted into us, if you are starving, you will try your hardest to eat, then theres the opposite, such as the story of the man who fed himself to a starving lion and was reborn Buddha

    I'd point out more, but you need to stop thinking you're different or on a higher level than everyone else, it's a psychological complex almost everyone goes through. If you want to make a serious point rather than a rant or argument brush up on some sociology and psychology basics first.
  5. You may not be aware of this, but...

    Altruism has been systematically observed in animals.
    Altruism in animals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    So if humans are simply a "higher" form of animal, it would not be unusual for them to display truly altruistic behavior.

    While it would be wrong to say that ALL human behavior is altruistic, it would also be wrong to say that humans, as animals, are never altruistic.

    Put differently, sometimes you can trust another.
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  7. You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment unless you trust enough. ~Frank Crane
  8. I'm not. I include myself in this.
  9. This is good, just because were animals doesn't mean animals are all bad, I'd say were all a perfect balance of good and bad.
  10. Then that's something you need to work on before assuming everyone else is the same. That is called Projection.
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    Well when it's all I see everyday. (others as well) I think it's a valid opinion. You can disagree but I think it's a fair one. It's not the absolute definition, but it's a perspactive I think is worth discussing.
  12. I think you have a pessimistic outlook and when you see things it is reflected by your persona, although it's your opinion i feel it is somewhat delusional or tainted, similar to a bias. That is simply my opinion having a degree in psychology.

    I'm simply countering your theory with my own and the ones i've been taught. In a discussion such as this unless it is fact no one is right or wrong, simply a debate of shared opinions which can be left or taken. Don't take any offense, not saying you have.
  13. But to support your theory most people have some sort of greed, as I said it was learned, it is learned very young. Go to a preschool or observe any child, once they learn they can get what they want by force; Taking another child's toy, it becomes more common. This is sometimes corrected and other times let go, HOWEVER, someone's temperament is not learned, you are who are from birth, if that child is a hedonist they will be predeposed to being greedy later in life. Innate vs Learned is a very tricky topic.
  14. It's also a really beautiful place. You can't just dwell on the negative and look solely at the bad side of things; it is too draining and nullifying for the spirit.

    It is good to realize what is around you and be aware of those you try to decieve you, but there are genuine people that aren't here just to fuck you over. If you keep harboring negative thoughts and refuse to let in positive input (realize what is good in life) then you are just inviting depression and making negativity a habit.

    I used to feel just like you, but I realized that a pissed off and depressed life is one lived in regret; I'd much rather accept the positive around me and look at the negative as a reminder of what parallels exist in life.
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  16. It is what it is. Life too short, only get one life so might as well embrace the good.
  17. the world is beautiful, its the corrupted minded that make this world shit.:cool:
  18. To appreciate the beauty of the world you have to understand the macabre side in contrast.

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