You know the economy is bad when....

Discussion in 'General' started by Kingof781, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. You spend 80 bucks on rolls, puke 20 min after you take them, and eat it and roll your balls off for 11 hours.

    Moral of the story: When you puke, eat it. Those drugs are to expensive to waste.
  2. uhhhhhhhhhhh
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    OMG dude, that's fucking nasty! Your body throws shit out of you for a reason.

    And how many rolls did you get for 80 bucks?
  4. haha.

    Id shell out a little extra money.
  5. This isn't true cause the second time down my body loved it.
    I think I just didn't chew enough th first time.
  6. Now thats commitment.

  7. Dude................

    You seriously ate your puke?!?!?!

    Like... Did you pick through it and eat the rolls... or did you eat ALL of your puke.?...

    ugggghhh that's possibly the nastiest thing I've ever heard in my time here on GC.
  8. Well of the 8 rolls I ate I could only find 5 so I ended up eating it all. I threw up into bowl cause I knew what was happening and I knew what had to be done to save the night.
  9. CitySmoker420's thread about using jizz to seal a joint was getting lonely in the Pantheon of Fiendish Drug Activity
  10. See the difference between me and him is he is gay. I just know what needs to be done to finish the job.
  11. You got balls kid.....

    This is making me gag just reading about it...
  12. This thread gets a F.
  13. haha holy bawls
  14. If you were a newb I'd - rep
  15. That is commitment... And I don't think citysmoker actually used Jizz... This guy actually did eat it haha

    I'll be the first to +rep you for having some major balls
  16. Whats a roll? :D
  17. Hopefully someone got some pictures I know like 3 people watched me do it btu I will say this, I have NEVER rolled as hard as I did last night.
  18. What kinda shitty ecstasy do you have to buy to have to drop 8 pills?
  19. extacy

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