You know that one facebook friend....

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  1. Who is weird as shit and you look through their pictures for a good laugh?
    Let me show you Billy..

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  2. Bill da Kid looks pretty badass to me.
  3. Haha dude you're mean. You're not a real friend if you're gonna put this guy on blast like that. Shame on you!
  5. Are you serious? Sects? Like gang sects or butt sects?

    Whatever it is, I definitely wouldn't wanna fuck with that guy...
  6. he looks pretty tough for a downs syndrome kid
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    Please don't tell me he attempts to rap...if so please send me a link. I say you square the fuck up if Billy Da Kid. I could picture haymakers rallying him one after another right to the dome piece. Then a real nice knee to the nose for a finisher. He really annoys me. Do you go to school with this gang member? What are some of his statuses?

    edit: Fuck I can't look at that anymore. I hope people don't think im evil he just really grinds my gears. fuck. What the fuck is SECTS. Lol @ "Cults" wtf??? Billy Da Kid practices in wish craft too. Show more pictures dude.
  8. he thinks hes "thug", his buddy got stabbed in the lung outside of a sandwich shop and that just adds fuel to the fire. They think their hard, even though we live in a white town were the average income is like $40k.

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  9. Lmao. Is the dude with the gun trying to throw up d-dub?

    And what color is the flag around silly billies neck? That is pretty funny. Reminds me of these kids i went to school with freshman year. All trying to be bloods and crips in shit. When they all lived in a rich ass white town. All they did was spray paint shit and have little bitch fights. Funny the shit retards do when they are bored.
  10. Lol, yes he writes his own shitty raps. He goes to the same college as me and is that weird kid on campus everyone knows because he's so funny.

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  11. Funny how that gun is a bb gun
  12. holy shit. the amount of times i want to hit these kids in the face is threw the roof

    and the way he throws up the W looks so dumb
  13. going hard in the muffuggin paint.
  14. lol @ dumbass pointing the gun at his buddy
  15. Baby face killa?


  16. yep, these kids are going to end up in jail for something stupid... i can see it now.
  17. Dude I worked with a girl who looked exactly like that guy, dead serious. Same face, glasses, and that expression. She was pretty big...
  18. It's hilarious when you see people try so hard to put out this image

    when in reality almost everyone in the struggle is trying so hard to get out.
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    I'm from the suburbs
    I've been involved in a fair amount of robbery and gunplay
    I'm not a gangsta at all nor do i pretend or claim to be

    a real gangster needs to put a gun in this kid's mouth and make him think he's gonna die. then maybe he'll quit being such a thug

    I'd love to see him claim he's a crip to this guy in the photo

    or maybe he needs to go to jail

    whatever the case, I've been stupid, and it takes one to know one.


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