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You know its purple when...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Drizzle66, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. It is not a new thing. People get ripped off everyday when buying their herb because their dealer insists that they pay more because it is purple. But is it worth it to pay a few more bucks? Many people's favorite strain is some type of purple. But there is a trick you can do with the lights to give off the illusion that a normal strain is a now more dank purple.

    Basically, I am just posting this thread because I am not aware of any tricks that only involving observing the weed, not smoking it. I know that it usually has a distinct taste and sometimes smell, but unless your dealer smokes you out you will have no idea that it is this true?
  2. correct me if im wrong but real purp is actually purple, the buds and everything, not just the leaves. you can make the lealf purple during flowering by lowering the temperatures. i've had legit purps and it tastes very good but ive had better bud i woundt pay more just because it is pruple.
  3. Well if it’s the dank purple it will usually have a darker bud that will appear to be purple. It varies on the strain really. But there are some strains that are not as purple and more difficult to determine if is purple.
  4. purple is overrated, especially in the illegal market.

  5. ^^agreed:hello:
  6. The real granddaddy purp from the yay area is the shit though! One of the best strains imo... :smoking:
  7. i've seen lots of GDP that doesnt have a touch of purple. I wouldnt pay more for weed because its purple, i'd pay more if its DANK. Looks great, smells great, smokes great. You can tell the first 2 before buying..
  8. im with him... i mean ive had grape ape and GDP and niether had purple on it.... i think it really all depends on the grower and he conditions
    just because weed has purple on it doesnt make it THE BEST WEED EVER
    i mean shit ive had shity mids or regs that had purple on it
    dont look at colors as a judging standard
    you gatta look at the nug as a whole... not just one characteristic
    happy blazin GC
  9. the price doesnt really change for me when its purple. its all about the quality of the bud. ive had AMAZING purple weed and AMAZING green weed and legit purple strains that came out green and green strains that came out purple. its just kinda a luck of the draw, different phenos etc.
  10. I've had random undeducated people, a few girls actually, ask me If I knew where to get some purple weed. When I hear stuff like this I just laugh it off.

    I have seen dank purple weed, I have seen dank green preference just like it dank. Plants with purple genetics can sometimes show up purple, or not....last gdp I was to smoke only had smallll hints of some purple.
  11. there are great purple strains, no doubt. but to think that's the only good kind of bud out there, or the only way to tell if it's good, would be seriously limiting yourself. there's a great batch of GDP out right now at my club, i just prefer sativa dominant stuff so it's not what i get. i'm preaching to the coir though.
  12. Man i wouldnt pay more for color. its all about the crystals and smell:smoke::smoke:
  13. When i smoke GDP i see a bunch of flecks of purple on the bud itself. That shits the best.
  14. Ive had purple-ish buds that were bunk shit and lime green buds that made me stare at a fish tank for 2 hours so to me color dont matter.:smoking:
  15. Could not agree more.
  16. x2...;)
  17. I agree with others in this post, I wouldn't pay more unless it had plenty of visible trich's, or "crystals."

    Theres this dude here that thinks just because its Purp its going to get you the highest you've ever been.. he claims to get some at $20/G I think, which is the rate for the good stuff.. so whatever.
    I tried to tell him that just because its purple, doesn't mean its going to be worth that $20 a G.

    But two things, I haven't seen this product yet, and hes one of those type of people you just can't get to...

    Never seen ANY purp in person yet by the way...
  18. Purple buds is just a phenotype in most purple strains. An example of this would be like if you grew 4 Grand daddy purp plants chances r only 1 or 2 plants will be purple of the 4. Another way to get purple buds is to grow them in a cold environment.
  19. i gots the hydro gdp straight from the grower at 90 a quarter and i looove dat shit.a little taxed but i have to go with my friends bro to this guy
  20. yeah i got this guy thats selling a oz of these really dried up purple buds for $400 and for the same price you can get way better shit in my area

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