You Have Wussyfied Your Posters!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by H.O.V.A., Mar 27, 2006.

  1. I just signed up a couple of days ago. When I did I read all the rules, and I noticed that you guys are making a big deal about people who are acting immaturely and overall insulting behavior.

    Well I think you guys have put too much of an emphasis on this and everyone on the forums that wants to be soooooo "mature" has taken this way too far to heart and is completely blowing it out of proportion.

    I've recieved -5 reps for a couple of small joking comments I made. All the faggot wussies on this board took the new "rule" about immaturity, etc. so far to heart that they freaked out about my posts and started talking shit.

    If I had said anything like that on any other board I have ever posted on, or in real life among friends, nobody would have been so uptight and wussyfied as to start calling me names and giving me negative reps. They would have giggled at it, smirked, or if they just didn't care, not respond. Instead I get these responsess:

    For -
    I said the kid looks like every other emo/goth/punk kid. Big woopty doo. Isn't that the whole idea of hanging out with a certain group of people? You tend to dress and act like them, in certain small aspects. You can see how I responded to them.

    For -
    I said Dinosaurs are for white people. It's not like I said This thread is a waste of space because Dinosaurs are for stupid ass white crackers. Then I would have understood some retaliation. I'm just not big on dinosaurs, so I tried to make a funny. But once again the posters have been wussyfied by your over-emphasis of "maturity" and "respect". The guy that responded to me called my entire race faggots. I'm white, he probably assumed I was black, but I didn't insult his entire race. If anything I insulted black people more than white people by saying that dinosaurs aren't for them, when dinosaurs are a big topic in history.

    For -
    Ok, I asked them if they were white, becuase I didn't have any friends that would have done any of that stuff for me. And most of the people I hang out with are hood. We just don't show eachother love like they were talking about. It is a stereotype, but I've never seen anybody blow shit out of proportion that way except in the case of calling someone a ******. :rolleyes:
    The bad rep I got said: good for you fuckface, hang out with ******s... no one cares

    You'd think this was a message board for radical liberal potheads. You'd think these are some of the people on Fox that want to ban tag from being played in schools. :rolleyes:
  2. if you dont like it you can leave. no one is forcing you to stay here. ;)
  3. Well I would like to stay here for when I blazed and I don't have shit to do. Thanks for the useless response. :rolleyes:
  4. yea but everyone has responded to your negative posts cuz your not a cool blade. so either change your attitude or you will be banned.
  5. What do you want him to say. The rules are inforced here. If you dont like it then leave.
  6. Well man, if you had been around before, you would know what that warning pretains to, and woul not be making a thread about it. There are very specific reasons why that was added.
  7. hey by the way....FOX news network is conservative, not liberal. hmm.
  8. oh, and not everyone here is a "radical liberal pothead".

    we have conservatives, liberals and everything in between here at the city.
  9. true that, i vote republican :hello: haha just proving your point wykid, no real contribution.
  10. I agree no one makes you come here and it seems not a whole lot of people want you here.*take the hint*:wave: bye.
  11. Saying things like this is what people are talking about. Use you're head. If anyone was allowed to come on here and post immature & disrespectful stuff, no one would want to come to GC and post. This is why people around here dont care for immature people that post ignorant stuff like "All the faggot wussies" .. it does nothing but make people flame, clog up threads, and ruins the reputation of grass city. Respect the rules or leave, simple as that
  12. Good post, ak!'s the deal. First of all, we didn't wussify our posters. The members of this City pretty much demanded that something be done and something was and is still being done.

    Secondly, I have had to go in and make comments on many of your posts today due to your own breaking of the rules. Since you read the rules, you very well know that you have broken some.

    You mentioned something about saying these things on any other board...plain and simple, the City is not just any other board, nor does it strive to be. That is why your comments would float elsewhere and not here.

    Apprently, the City is not the place for you. Not all sites are for everyone. You joined this month. Things are not going to be changed according to what you want. I was going to let you just move on but your name-calling in this thread was the last straw.

    Find another site that fits you because it's apparent that the City does not. As I said, our stoner family feel isn't for everyone. We know that.
  13. THREE CHEERS FOR RMJL! (and for the other mods that help keep this place clean). We are making progress and with every blade's help the city will continue to be a positive environment where hate is kept at bay. hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray! hip hip HOORAY!!!
  14. the rules are nice but at the same time i can deffinatly see where hes coming from. it seems like a lot of people either just cant take a joke or are kissing ass looking for rep. its a good rule but people need to lighten up.

  15. Well, quite honestly, the rep system is on the line anyway. It's become something that it was clearly not intended for so it might get banned too. :)
  16. I'd like to contribute to the banning of this immature poster. Here is a comment he left when *trying* to give me bad rep (showed neutral).
    You are very immature for freaking out about little stuff. You're acting like you're black and I just called you a ******. I said Dinssaurs are for White people, ashole. I didn't even say Dinosaurs are for Stupid White Crackers.

    Next time contact one of da admins or a mod.... no need for a post..shade...
  17. let it go man, he's been gone.
  18. I'd like to see the rep system gone too, seems like all people want is to be recognized.


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