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  1. ok so i get home and my dad doesnt get home til 6, so i rip a nice fat bowl and go watch sum netflix. like 30 min later i get really hungry i make a nutella wrap. in case you dont know its just like an ordinary ass bread wrap rolled up with nutella inside. and i made like 4 of these fuckers, and i couldnt finish the last one, so i stuck it in the fridge. the next night i come home, do the same thing, and then i see the wrap in my fridge. out of curiosity i tasted it. lick my balls and call me jesus, it was the best fucking thing i ever ate in like ever. it becomes solid as though its real chocolate but still chewy enough to bite into, and the taste is just so rich it makes your mouth water. it even works with like toast bread and hamburger buns and stuff. i had to put this on GC because i felt like i was keeping a secret that needed to be shared with the world. ENJOY :)

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  2. Sounds dank holy shit.
  3. I work at a restaurant and create deserts. You just gave me a brilliant idea for a cold desert...
  4. This is such an amazing idea. I'm a huge Nutella eater. I can't wait to try this
  5. tell me how it does :)
  6. Make him pay u
  7. just put some bread/nutella in the fridge! :)
  8. fucking pirates.
  9. frozen nutella.... nice.

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