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you have to smoke all this in 1 hour, what famous stoner you calling?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iblameinara, Feb 2, 2023.

  1. you have to smoke all this in 1 hour, what famous stoner you calling?
  2. Tommy Chong.
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  3. Willie Nelson. Even Snoop Dogg couldn't keep up with him.
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  4. Fuck Calling somebody. I'm taking on that whole pile by myself.
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  5. The logical thing to do is smoke it by yourself. As you stated.
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  6. Yeah, that sounds good but for me likely not possible only in an hour. So, I'll like to have you by my side to finish these.:love-m3j:
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  7. That isn't quite as many as I bring to a party but still respectable.... For a start...
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  8. Ricky where you at bud?
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  9. Whattt is bnw ?
  10. His name. BrassNWood.
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  11. I'd want to smoke my Jack Herer buds with the actual Jack Herer and find out what he thinks of my Jack Herer buds.
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  12. Cheech & Chong

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