you have to pick one or else flesh eating bacteria will kill everyone on the planet

Discussion in 'General' started by feudalism, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. An evil scientist comes to you and gives you an option

    1. Have the statue of liberty blown up (nobody gets hurt)

    2. Have a random African child die

    which one and justify it
  2. I'd handcuff the scientist into the closest gate and call police.
  3. Random child die. They die every day in Africa, and the one I would save by not choosing it would no doubt be dead in ~5 years.
  4. roflcopter thats not even a question.

    fuck that statue who gives a crap about that?

    if anyone would pick that a child dies over a statue being blown to pieces then you deserve being eaten by bacteria

  5. I say the statue. It's just a "thing" anyways.
  6. Statue. Although it is a symbol of America, it's ultimately just an object. A random child dying in Africa may happen so frequently, but it's still a life, and one that might have the potential to continue on to do great things if it gets a chance.
  7. Random African child because i don't care.

    kill 1 save everyone.... right :confused_2:
  8. How would blowing up the statue of liberty result in no one getting hurt?
  9. The Statue of Liberty gets blown up.

    People over shit. Always.
  10. It's not a fucking object or "thing" it's a fucking symbol. What's wrong with you people?
  11. lol why would I choose to save the world? Everyone can die. Then ill get rid of the scientist and get the world to myself. Maybe id find someone to teach me how to fly a plane before they die.
  12. Shall I join you on your noble journey please sir?
  13. I don't give a shit about either of them. But probably the statue, Because its just a statue and i don't even know what it is.
  14. But you wish to know what it is my friend?
  15. I really thought more people would choose the bacterial epidemic.
  16. yeah fuck it, let them kill us let the statue and the random unknown child live! :D
  17. Kill the little ******, the statue is a historical landmark.
    or whatever.
    "as a niqqa get murked, a baby's born and tha world turns ... "
    there will be another [ame=]African Child - YouTube[/ame] born very soon
  18. Fuck the statue, I would rather save a life. The statue is just a symbol, life is more important.

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