You have to get a pelican. What is a Pelican? This Is a Pelican [PICTURES]

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  1. This is a pelican, it is a case designed to carry guns, inside has 3 layers of special cubed foam. The case is made out of very heavy plastic and has metal reenforced locks. They come in many different sizes, mine is the "1620" model. Currently holding 2 bongs but it is going to hold 3 eventually. ;) For more info check out

    ^open case^

    ^cubed foam^

    ^bottom layer, next bong is going to go where all the cash is^

    ^top layer^

    ^where all my slides are going to go^

    A+ case, expensive, but worth it.
  2. that's great and all, but with all that cash, as soon as someone figures out where you live you're gonna get robbed:(
  3. wow, so much cash i might rob you??? wtf, im not gonna take the time to figure out where this dude lives, hes prolly in a different state or even country. i highly doubt someones gonna rob you bro. wow.
  4. nice nice nice

    if you dont mind the inquisition... whats something like that run you?

    how sturdy is the bitch?

    could you say stand on it without it feeling negative effects from your weight on your feet?

    is it waterproof?

    how is it for smell?

    looks like a cool cool idea i love stuff like that man!

    would be a cool place to keep

    well a gun haha
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    its not like he lives in the ghettoo....from what ive seen of this dudes pics im sure he lives in a very affluent neighborhood and isnt too concerned about other well off people doing him wrong.

    maybe im wrong though.

  6. lol im just sayin if theres a few grand there, i wouldnt post a pic of it, just cuz the worlds pretty fucked up. people kill people for less than that.
  7. good job being a drug dealer
  8. and thats not that much cash guys.

    what is that like 3-5 grand, op?

    i mean you put it out there.. i hope you dont mind the inquisition

    god knows you arent going to get robbed because of a post here

    unless something outside is involved you're nothing but an avatar and a name
  9. A friend of mine has one, but he got it from his father, do you mind if I asked you where you purchased said item?

  10. im thinkin its like 6-8 grand....look at all the hundreds and fiftys, a stack that big of only 20s would be 3-5 IMO

    maybe im being mislead by how spread out it all is. oh well
  11. yea, brb hackin OP to find his address to get me some money

  12. i'd say its 10k+ easy.
  13. This the case you showed me?

    It looks awesome man.

    And nice stack of cash. Getting that paper.

    Looks like you're stuff will be nice and safe.

    This is better than a trunk 4'sure.
  14. Thats funny. My dad said he used a gun case for his bongs when he was younger.

  15. yeah i'm making mental jumps assuming that all bills that arent easily recognisable arent bigger

    hell that could be close to ten grand if everythign we cant see is a big bill.

    i'm just assuming that the bills at the left end are simmilar in size ot the ones showing (which are tens and twenties)

    its a lot of dough

    i usually get antsy when i have anything more than fifteen hundred or so

    note, homeboys... there are plenty of people who get paid in cash for legitimate occupations. banks arent neccessarily the best place to put a dollar these days (haha!)

    if you're doing something that pays well that sort of money has a tendency to pile up if you arent one to bring on a myriad of expenses (which is the norm for tree smokers in my experience. we dont need much even if we've got it)

  16. The plastic is unbendable, it is water proof and smell proof. I just stood on it, nothing happened :)

    I live in the suburbs now but i am moving to NYC.

    No one from grass city is going to find me lol.

    Far from it.

    I found the size i wanted to and to google shopping to find the best price, don't remeber what site i bought it from though, but plenty of sites sell em.

    ding ding ding

    Yup, this thing is solid. Thxn for the comments guys :wave:
  17. Nice pelican 521, their cases are the shit. Ryot is another good brand with really sturdy protection for a single tube and some accessories. For on the go tokin.

  18. i get paid half cash and i am to lazy to go to the bank every week, and you are only allowed to deposit 2k a week. so it piles up. I work full time, i am single, and i am not that big a spender, anymore....
  19. this honestly just swayed me. i am going to get it with the next cash i get i think.

    quick question. how do bubble bottoms do? does it fit? i have a bubble bottom, inline tube, straight tube, and another straight along with nearly attachments for each.

    which size would be best do you think?

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