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you have to be kidding me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokintilchokin, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. I am sorry,

    But I am sick and tired of this bullshit! excuse me, but does anyone else get sick when they see the commercials on tv that say kids buying weed will fund terrorist activities. Now i'm sorry, but how pathetic is THE ANTI DRUG CAMPAIGN to capitalize on the nation's fear of terrorism by scaring kids into not "helping terrorists". I can't imagine i am the only one who has seen these commercials, so holler about it.

  2. That is true. If people realize that the war on drugs is bullshit, they will wonder how many other bullshit wars our governments pay for with our money.

    Makes you think!
  3. I saw the very same commercial and felt like putting a bullet through the screen. Terrorism is a very hot issue nowadays and the anti-drug campaign thought they would capitalize by scaring kids into thinking buying a dime bag will bring about world destruction. It's rediculous. I know my dealer and where he gets his bud and along the line there aren't any Taliban dealers who need the money to buy bombs. The commercial is so infantile, and I just hope they know that they aren't fooling anybody as far as I am concerned.
  4. its great to know that our government spen 3 billion on those lovely commercials
  5. Originally posted by Forgotten
    its great to know that our government spen 3 billion on those lovely commercials

    all that money gone wasted on shit
  6. dont smoke pot kids just let mayors smoke

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  7. I hate the commercials.....uh I just hate all that stuff! I am going to amsterdam this summer in June, I will be there June 3rd of 4th, I am trying to find some tight ass place to smoke out!
  8. in that case i spent enough money to buy a nuclear warhead!lol
  9. The truth is Filling your car with gas funds more terroist acts than Weed, Heroin, Coke, and Acid ever could. But the goverment can tax gas.
  10. right on bro its more of the goverments money than ours so they can go fuc*themselves
  11. Those commercials are bullshit I have been smoking for many years, If i wre contributing to terrorists then so is the gov't by the "Drug tax" that is manditory when a case is filled under posession.
  12. You Americans have got one FUCKED up government

  13. my birthday is june 4th... smoke a blunt for me ;)
  14. Little country very very fucked up but pot costs $200/kg!!!!
    Plain normal weed, mild effect, but also you can get hash oil $20 a "sandwich" 2 slices of integral mild pot 2x2 cm with a fine film of oil; we even have now krypto $50 1/8 oz.

    In Montañita (little beach) the raves are very cool with too much psyche, and fire dancers. Everything we want is to get more people to visit us, dont be afraid of whatever you hear about this little country. It is a cool, normal one if you dont get into dangerous places.

    All year in Cuenca we have excellent shrooms, you just go down the valley and collect them.

    In Playas and Puyo there are shaman rituals with St. Pedro Cactus and sometimes in Puyo you get Ayahuasca

    Experience your vision!

    Oh! All of this stuff is illegal, but it is very easy (except in Cuenca) to smoke weed while sightseeing in a car, DOWNTOWN at any time specially with DAYLIGHT or walking in the valleys or beaches.

    Also very good electronic musicians in Guayaquil! Very very underground though, but we grew up with Depeche Mode and moved into Industrial, passing by Aphex Twin and now we do Drum and Bass and IDM

    DJ's Welcome!

  15. So... SO correct.

    I bet the oil industry funds just about as much as the drug trade. I was going to say the oil funds more, but there are a LOT of druggies out there, and not all of them drive cars!

    These kinds of propaganda flicks are SO typical. Only shine the light where they want us to see.

    The other night on Jay Leno he joked with Kevin about how smoking pot more than 5 times per week drops your iq an average of 5 points in 8 years. (Or something like that)

    I wonder how much your IQ drops in that amount of time without smoking pot...... probably 6 points.

    I'm so sick of that shit. But they know how to buffalo the sheep in this country.
  16. Actually our govt is somewhat correct with the commercials most opium is grown illegally, in Afghanistan, by drug lords who fund terrorist. So if you buy opium or heroin you COULD be funding terrorist.

    but our govt went overboard with the commercials.
  17. We used to get some killer smoke around here. We called it "Ghanni"

    It came from Afghanistan. (Yeah, I feel kinda guilty)

    But Afghanistan was (and is) not the only country supporting terror.

    Those who sell billions of dollars worth to us daily support terror as well. I doubt the drug trade can rival billions per day.

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