You have the right to choose.

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  1. Dr. Milton Friedman made the series Free to Choose. For those of you who don't know who this guy is, or what the series is, do a Wiki search on him. The guy won the Nobel Prize for his works. He knows what he is talking about.

    Dr. Friedman said it best when he said "The economic race should not be arranged so that everyone ends at the finish line at the same time, but so that everyone starts at the same place. The society that puts equality before freedom, ends up with neither, the society that puts freedom before equality, ends up with a large amount of both."

    That's a big statement. Think about that for a sec. Democrates always talk about evening the playing field for the lower that really what we need? I was lower class once, I made it out with the opportunities that this country gives to people.

    Anyways, on the right side of the page the link below takes you to, all of the series is there. For those of you who are liberal democrates, the 80's version has your beloved fairness act installed in it. The entire series was redone in the 90's though after we got rid of the fairness act for those who want to watch it uninterupted by opposing views.

    All in all, this stuff makes sence, and has through out history. These ways of doing things have been more overall successful than any other way of doing things, especialy socialistic govs.

    This link takes you directly to the Free to Choose series online, for free. I strongly urge those of you who really haven't studies government or economics to watch these. They will educate you in how shit really works.

    Maybe this will change the way some people look at things that are happening in the world.
  2. I will promise you, within the first 12 minutes of what starts playing when you click on the will have your ears open. Just the facts pointed out in the first 12 minutes should be enough to possibly make you find the time to watch the rest. I know it's long....but the amount of information in it is just about unsurpassed.

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