You have one wish.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by NuclearGuru, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Okay so I'm having a super intellectual high right now and I was just thinking about this. Let's say you are offered one wish from some unimportant source. The chance to have one single thing. Any object, power, ability... anything. What would your choice be?

    As for me, I would choose to have an unnatural/superhuman charisma. The ability to have power over others just from speaking. Many of you would likely say superhuman strength or the ability to fly or whatever but just think about it.

    What can you do with superhuman strength? You can only do physical things. If you want something from someone then what do you do? You can beat them and take it. But why waste energy and put yourself at risk of criminal punishment? With charisma you could simply talk someone into giving you whatever you want. Simple and no crime involved.

    What can you do with invisibility? You might say you could sneak around and do anything. You could rob a bank and no one would ever see you. I say, why risk yourself when you can simply talk someone else into doing it for you? With charisma you can persuade others to do what you want.

    Adolf Hitler was a master of charisma and look where it got him. He mesmerized an entire nation of people with his speeches and speaking ability. He could have conquered the world were it not for a few bad decisions.

    Sorry I'm making no sense. It's just something I was pondering. What do you all think?
  2. wings on my back. Id be a outlaw living on a cliff somwhere out west. Flying around. Livin in the most baller ass ttree house ever. Itd be siiick. PLus, I could shit on people
  3. I'd wish that I was extremely smart. Smart enough to help in the field of science and progression but not too smart as to where I can't learn.
  4. True power is found in voice and words.
  5. Well if someone said i had one wish, i'd reply with "I wish i had infinite wishes" or "I wish i was God"

    Since those would grant too much power:

    I'd like the ability to completely control time. I know, it's an illusion but what if you could manipulate it?

    You could literally do practically anything. With that ability, i'd infiltrate all the government buildings and expose what they're really hiding.

    You might ask, "what if you get shot at?"

    Slow time and dodge the bullets of course!
  6. the power to change anything, into what i wanted it to be.
  7. I lost it.
    Shit on people.
  8. for people to be on my level of understanding, love is all, its the nature of our behavior we need to change, try and apply love
  9. Love. True love. Not necessarily in the form of a relationship. In any form.
  10. I would wish to be the one who grants wishes.
  11. This. I would ask for people not to ask me stupid questions :smoke:

    You give that to yourself honey. See, you've already started
  12. i would wish for infinite wishes.

    then id wish for a dope ass mansion with romper ass sluts and that my jizz only gets girls pregnant when i wanted it to.
  13. ability to communicate with fish

  14. Also to give people the ability to speak proper English... ;)
  15. Mutual romantic love with someone. Seems to be the one thing I have no idea how to get, and I fear not having it more than anything else :(
  16. You're not alone. Be patient and expect the unexpected.
  17. i would wish for the ability to grow giant trichomes as big as a man!
  18. if i had one wish....i'd wish for unlimited more wishes :yay:
  19. To be a master in every single instrument.
  20. :( one day..

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