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  1. Hi,

    I need to update my thread here: Mediseedman - Aussie Germination Review

    I am unable to edit my original post to update it, and I am unable to post a reply as an update. At the base of my thread it says "(You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)", which is confusing because its my thread. Additionally, I also considered posting a whole new update thread within the "Marijuana Seeds Banks" section but I get the error, "You may not perform this action because this forum does not permit posting".

    Would the issue be because I am using TOR? Because I have too few posts? I don't really plan to use a different browser or become a super active member, I just wanted to provide decent value with my results.

    I contacted one of the moderators but received no reply on what to do (December 21st), and I am confused on the best person to contact next or even the best place to inquire. I am out of ideas so I am making a thread here.

    Thanks for any help, hope to update with my results soon.

    ~Random Citizen
  2. Marijuana Seed Banks is no longer included in the Forum List. After started selling seeds, that forum was hidden and all posting abilities were removed. It will be unavailable until at least March 2023 per the powers-that-be.
  3. @RMJL have you any personnel comment to make on your above post?
  4. Thank you for the response RMJL, and everyone else's response so far.

    I respect Grasscity's decision to block competition, but Aussies are going through a rough patch with international seeds. Mediseedman ship their seeds within the country, somehow, regardless shipping is guaranteed vs international. This is in relation to Australian Border Control Upgrading their Xray machines as far as I know (unrelated to cannabis seeds specifically). I had no issues with seeds until this period, Herbies did their best by me but failed 5 times (I lost count) in various different ways, methods, addresses, names employed by me. I respectfully doubt Grasscity will do any better.

    If this section is closed, what is the next best section of the forums to post my update? This seed bank is in no way, in competition with Grasscity. At this stage, for now, most international vendors are not in competition.
  5. I requested that we bring the forum back since everyone won't have access to seeds from Grasscity. The request was approved and the forum is back. :)

    That being said, the name of the company can't be in the title of a thread. I did edit the title of your thread.
  6. I appreciate that the forums have been brought back. In saying this, its odd that my topic cannot have the name of the company, but vast numbers of thread titles contain the names of said companies? Shouldn't all other threads be updated, as it seems slightly unfair that only my threat be altered in such a way.

    Regardless this thread can be closed.
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