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    my mom accidentally threw away a computer program that i need for a class.
    i had it sitting on the kitchen counter, in its original packaging, an envelope
    she was cleaning and i guess thought it was junk mail or whattheFUCKever she could have ben thinking and tossed it. :mad:

    cost of program: $98.00 + tax

    points im losing because i don't have the program: 100

    how mad i am: not measurable at this moment :mad:

    anyone else have a mom that misplaces your suff/accidentally throws it away?

    fucking pisses me off :(:(
  2. that shit happens to me all the time.

    anything that's important I cant leave out in my house, it falls into some black abyss
  3. yeah dude my mom has backed into my car three times in the past month. :mad:
  4. i mean
    why the fuck would you just throw something away if you didn't know what it was???
    like LOOK at it
    takes two goddamn seconds.

    oh its says shit about compter program for college students??
    probably not trash :mad::rolleyes:
  5. What was the program OP?
  6. If its popular, there's probably a free alternative.
  7. LiveText

    and no, I have to have this exact program. :(

  8. I'd be real pissed.
  9. I say check limewire

  10. yeah thats what i was going to say..

    except limewire sucks.. TORRENT THAT SHIT MANG

    i got send you an invite to Demonoid
  11. My mom threw away my shoes cause they got muddy. I didn't have time to clean them went to work then when I came back I couldn't find them. She said that she thought they were an old pair that I didn't want anymore
  12. sexy girl has shaking livetext?

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