you have a celly? then whos your pimp?

Discussion in 'General' started by NaughtyDread, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. so i guess first i would like to know, who is your pimp? did he beat you down your first year? did he take all your money and just leave you enough to eat with? and after that first year do you continue to get pimped or do you run like hell to the next pimp? these are serious questions.

    sprint was my first pimp. i gotta away, now i have a better pimp, ive got nextel :)
  2. I also have nextel.. 5 of them bastards.. I need to buy stock in nextel!!!
  3. dayum you work real hard for your pimp dont you? :)
  4. right now i guess i have the crappiest pimp of them all: US Celluar

    but just like 5 min ago I was pimp shopping, think I'm going with Alltel this time around :rolleyes:

    (those are the only two this town has.... soooo small)
  5. lmao!! :) their's nothing worse than having only 2 pimps to choose from
  6. I am stuck fucking the Sprint pimp. Had them ever since I have had a phone, the only reason I stay is cause of their cool phones. Bitch of a time getting a signal once you go out of the city.
  7. my sprint pimp abused me to much, i had to run, my pimp forgot i paid them for a months svc last month and tried to charge me another full months access for the same month, i told my pimp i would not pay and you know what pimps do to you when you dont pay?

  8. I have to have those for the company.. Plus my oldest son and my dad has one that I pay for..

  9. give me some powder.!
  10. hahaha b powder.... smackin dem bitches up right... ya hearrrrrrrd'

    i had a nextel... they're good, sometimes get shitty service round here... but the two way makes up for it... they rape you with the bill though, hidden charges, and the first bill was near $200 for hooking up fee's and what not.. its crazy, they can also switch your plan... when ever they feel.... i loved my phone until i killed it... i plan on getting a new one when they realese they're picture phone in the summer of 2004, the new i730 is nice, but its basically an i90 with color screen and silver case..meehhh

    im using virgin mobile in the mean time....

    cingular is really good too.
  11. AT&T on a nokia...I'd have to vote cricket as being the shittiest phone service on the face of the earth, and its one of the only services that truly does have the capability to listen in on your conversations and have been known to use it, whether you know it or not

  12. and that would be? a particular service or is it something else??
  13. cricket?...a wireless phone service on the west coast..they always have those god damnend annoying commercials with the lime green sofas all over the place....ehh forget it
  14. Haha, I got the ghetto ass MetroPCS
  15. I an't a hoe and dont want to be at lest not until next year when im in college. And besides if i did have it id be fucking text messaging hoes all day because they do it all dam day. Some kids in my grade have it down so good they can do it in there pocket without looking.

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