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You have a bowl left, Smoke it before bed or wake and bake?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankMedical, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Well if you only have a bowl or like .3 left, would you rather smoke it at night or wake and bake it?
  2. Night.
    I only Wake N Bake on days I don't have to do shit, cause it makes me so lazy the rest of the day haha.
  3. id rather wake n bake if im not doing anything the next day. if i am then id do it at night.
  4. hell yeah, i'd DEF. say wake and bake.

    to me, smoking the night before and going to bed would make me wish i had of saved it when i wake up the next morning.

    and usually when its my last bowl, i smoke in the evening, to chill the rest of my night out.
  5. I don't worry about it, I just blaze before bed.. Then I grab some more the next day :D
  6. If it's a pure SAtiva, DEF wake N bake. nothing like starting off the day with an irie lift :D:smoke:
  7. Wake N' Bake unless i cant sleep that night.
  8. #8 Orthanc, Aug 9, 2011
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    Wake N' Bake for sure. Though when I have little left in my stash, I usually can't resist and end up smoking it before bed anyways. Then I'm mad at myself because I wake up all grumpy and it ruins my day because I'm out of weed and can't start my day right! God Dammit!

    Thank goodness though I'm stocked up for another 24 hours...after that, I'm seriously fucked. Out of weed money for, until who knows when...scary thought.

    The way I look at it with this question is well, I could smoke it at night to chill my night completely. But then again, it shouldn't matter because you've already smoked a bunch during the day anyways so there's completely fresh THC in your system from just hours before. In the morning and the next day, you won't get high at all during that day let's say. Get what I'mn trying to explain?
  9. I would personally take snaps throughout the day. But between the 2 I would say Wake N Bake
  10. #10 jedistheman, Aug 9, 2011
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    You sir are a genius
  11. If you can sleep fine without it then why bunn it?.... I myself need to be completely blitzed to fall asleep
  12. Nightcap all the way.

    Fuckin' intense dreams.
  13. bed time MANE its awesome to stay up late tokin listenin to music with a bowl
  14. #14 KushBurner420, Aug 9, 2011
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    great question. im going to have to go with before bed because i do have insomnia. i think being high at night is more relaxing too.

    i would have a hard time sleeping based on the fact that i have no weed left
  15. Blaze before bed without a doubt. You will be floating.
  16. At night, so I can fall asleep like a baby.
  17. Night, it's funner to get high at night!
  18. attempt to smoke half of it.....
  19. Haha man whenever I smoke before bed I end up passing out too soon. I did pretty good yesterday, kept myself busy and stayed awake a whole two hours.

    I always plan to drink coffee with my bowls, but then smoke first, get lazy, and never go to dunkin. Definitely got some heavy indicas right now...

    Weed is wonderful to take away aches and pains after a day of hapkido training, but for that reason I'm gonna go wake n' bake most of the time.
  20. Definitely before bed. Helps me sleep longer. And I have happy dreams.

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