You have 1 week left to LIVE???

Discussion in 'General' started by It's Kicked, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. What would you do?
  2. be the first man to OD on weed.........

    but on a serious note, pay my respects to all of the people i've treated wrong, and squash all beefs im involved about....50 games with my sister, have a huge session wit my pops, and have a huge talk wit my mom on how im sorry for being such a delinquent......
  3. I'd go buy some life savers and toke on!!!!
  4. i would sit somewhere. watch tv as usual. die peacefully. i would also talk to my parents and my girlfriend lauren.
  5. haha nice.

    i would be completley baked the whole time. try cid one day, do shrooms another, try peyote another day. (these arent things i wont do just drugs i want to, havent yet.) after that was out of the way ..i would just chill toke all day long with my friends, apoligize to everybody i ever had "beef" with and set shit straight.

    go sky diving, waterskiing, scuba diving, snowboarding (keeping mind still completely baked the whole time.

    when it came time for me to die, i would be at home at my computer desk in my big comfy van passenger seat, smoking a big fat blunt or spliff listening to grateful dead as a fade away (hopefully to be reincarnated)

    ..hopefully something cool like a tokin' tiger! a white tiger haha hell ya.
  6. That's kinda deep for a wake n' bake but I'll go for it.

    Of course, I'd be high. :)

    I'm with the others in that I'd make things right with certain people. In fact, that's not a bad idea to do now since I have no idea when I'm going to die. For all I know, I could have 1 week left...we all could. :( Ewww....back on track...
    I'd skydive.
    I'd tell my family I loved them all but I wouldn't want my last days alive to be spent with just them...they'd drive me insane. I'd hang out with my favorite people and cram as much stuff into my week as I could. I'd soak up the sun and stretch out under the moon and if it absolutely has to rain then I'll play in it.

  7. Good question.l,ve done most things in life that l,ve wanted to already .
    l be thinking about catching up with my dead friends and my favorite pets :D

  8. You all should die happy! :)
  9. What would I do? Everything (and I mean everything) I possibly could.

  10. Spend it with my Nephew.
  11. It would be easier to answer if you had asked what wouldn't I do.I guess the first thing would be eliminate one or two people.Then just go completely fuckin postal,I expected to be long dead before the year 2000 anyway and I'm a bit pissed off that the promised collapse of the civilised world didn't happen.Never mind maybe this current Middle East crisis is the start of something BIG.
    Crazy in life crazy in death..
  12. I would blow all the money at my disposal by
    -Go to Venezuela and go hang gliding off angel falls
    -Go skydiving
    -Smoke lots of blunts in public, everywhere I went
    -Pick up a different chick every night and go at it ;)
    -go to cedar point and ride the dragster a lot while stoned (my quote while on it the first time = "OHHH SHIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!)
    -give all my stuff away to my friends and give em a big hug.
  13. Sex........ Lots of great sex..

    Smoke more weed......

    more sex.........

    more weed...........

    maybe i'll eat, but it will be a minimum...

    More of both.
  14. me? i would make a trip to amsterdammmmmmm and toke myself silly then die happy :D
    toke on :smoke:

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