You guys will not believe what Bush did this time!

Discussion in 'General' started by jpotts, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. ?????? What is the Cowboy thinkin' I reckon papa got himself a new story teller. Do they (usa) think that nobody will notice what they're doin', selling nuclear weapons to iraq, couple of years later makin' a huge media war against them claiming there's illegal weaponary in there ('cos there is 'cos they sold them some) and when the report of the weaponary and the countries who have sold them comes they grab it from the UN and have a "private" read before anybody else, and deleting the names of the countries who sell nuclear weapons to other countries (including the USA).

    And that thing on the link below? sounds like it's Gestapo...
    Why do they have to have that kind of an office at all? and why do they have to have the co-coon running it? Man, Mr.Bush is gettin' stupider all the time...
  2. well.. even as a canadian that disturbs me, and i am so fuckin glad that i dont live in america or i would desperately be trying to get out of the country. i honestly believe that there is a capability, and maybe even a will for the u.s. government to seize power of all, or most countries. they are already trying to be 'the world's police force'. and it seems like 'american security' is a term that's being used more and more loosely by the day. im sure i dont have to explain all the ways that you could apply that term if you really wanted an excuse. i dont consider this to be highly probable, but it is possible. just think of all the things we're hearing about george bush and his back door ongoings, such as the link talks about. now just think about what must be going on that we dont hear about. it's only a matter of time before he worms his way into more and more power, and more and more money. or maybe he will take power more subtly, either way, im scared for the future of my family
  3. you think he's dickin you? he sent me to korea

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