you guys we lost our friend this is some "the hangover" type shit

Discussion in 'General' started by dank slap, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. yeah so like
    i have two friends, A & M, we'll call them
    i pick up M today for a routinely daily sesh
    and he tells me him and A were at a party/kickback last night
    and suddenly A had randomly disappeared.
    he drove there, so he took his car.
    and apparently A was REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY fucked up.
    and so now it's the next day, almost 4pm and his phone is off
    he isn't at home
    and his parents are now contacting us like HAVE YOU SEEN HIM

    tldr; my friend got faded and is now missing. :[
  2. If he was arrested or in the hospital/dead his parents would have been contacted by now.

    I'm sure he is fine.
  3. Obv got abducted by a serial killer. Maybe even the smiley face killer.

  4. yeah we thought so too
    but still

    so odd, not like him :[

  5. regardlessssss, if he is somehow safe, his father is gonna beat. dat. ass.
  6. He's at my house man
  7. This story is killing my buzz.

  8. oh good bring him home ;w;

  9. must've been a pretty shitty buzz to begin with then :p

  10. I'm so high.
  11. fuck bakersfield. place is shitty beyond belief.

  12. haha
    if you're referring to people, then yeah basically
    but it's ok otherwise
    definitely gonna get out of here someday
  13. dude did you find your friend? check the roof and the elevator.

  14. High as fuck?

    Have you heard from your friend yet?

  15. lol its not even long.
  16. Im sure he'll show up for show and tell tomorrow.
  17. oh maaaan so apparently he hit a parked car and is in jail..
  18. Does one of you know how to count cards?

  19. uhhhhhhhhhh it's like halfway through the day and we dont hear shit
    yeah i'd be worried if it's not like him to have his phone off
  20. I saw this thread name in the chill out zone bit next to the general sub forum tab, all i saw ws 'you guys we lost our friend...'
    I was like awwww man, imma start crying if it's what i think it is, turns out it wasnt so thats good
    That is all.

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