You guys think i should do this?...need advice

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tokabowl420, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. so this weekend i wanted to get 20 rolls and a girl i work, so my suprise tells me she'll hook me up.shes like 7 years older than me and chills with some grimey peeps. she's mentioned rolls in the past and i work with her so id see her all the times so i figured i can trust her. btw this was yesterday night

    so last night after work this is how our conversation went

    me: Yo, do you know what kinda press they are?
    me:Do you already have them?
    her: Ya (*thinks what the fuck is the press then*)
    me: well whats the color/design?
    her: whats with all the questions?
    me: sry, im just trying to make sure they're straight
    her: just kidding, they're all different kinds

    well when i get home im super suspicious of why it sounded so sketchy because im also splitting this with a friend and its like me doing the work so im responsible. i was supposed to start work today at 430 but i changed with a co worker so i start at 5 so its the same time she gets there. i txted her and told her we should jus do it in the parking lot before we go in but she hasn't texted back.

    hopefully things work out for the best but if she doesn't text back i may have to reconsider this. do you guys think im jus over-thinking this way to much?
  2. don't know how the smiley got in there hahah
  3. no. buy some new shoes. j/k

    seems fishy <><
  4. does seem kinda weird but maybe she did just get a bunch of different presses and doesn't know that that it matters. I'd just want to make sure I saw the pills before I bought them and that they had presses that are historically clean. if possible I'd try to meet her somewhere where you have internet access so you can look up the prints but if you can't you can't.

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