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You guys think a 11 dollar bong is worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killkenny700, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Me and my friends are thinkin about getting a bong, something cheap. We saw one for 11 dollars, not plus shipping. Is that worth getting?
  2. nah dont get a bong unless its glass on glass. having a bong thats not airtight is a waste imo
  3. Its acryl, not sure what that is. But what would you recommend
  4. You seem underage, why would you and your friends split an 11 dollar bong? its 11 bucks. If your going to split something at least make it a nice piece lol
  5. You can find a solid mini bong for like 25-35 at a smokeshop and it would be worth the extra money. And you don't have to pay for shipping
  6. Whats the difference between a 10 dollar bong and a 30 dollar bong?
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    Seems to me like the shipping might cost more than the bong itself. And acrylic is plastic and usually comes with a metal down stem (bowl), and they're pretty sturdy bongs and can take pretty much any damage you can throw at it unlike a glass bong. Only downside is its made out of fucking plastic, so it's going to be difficult to clean and may have a strange aftertaste.

    I'd just hit up a headshop if you were going to go the acrylic route, almost all headshops sell them.

  8. what the fuck? $20?
  9. wait for glass on glass man
  10. i'd buy that shit just to see laugh at how fuckin funny it'd look lol..
    probably look like the cheapest shit ever

    better off just buying it and using its parts as a homemade bong
  11. Go for it OP.

    My first bong was cheap acrylic, bought it in the ghetto with my best friend. It served us well for a few years and I look back fondly on my first bong no matter how cheap or unpopular it was. I had the best times of my life with it.

    On the other hand, I highly recommend a nice glass piece. Your path, bro. :bongin:
  12. As someone else said, $20. Both a $10 and a $30 bong will be shitty and hardly worth it, in my opinion.

    Save your allowance and lunch money and get glass on glass, something nice.
  13. I have a 30$ glass on glass bong that works pretty well
  14. save up like 80$ for a cheap GLASS bong....

    50$ and below is possible, probably not going to be a great piece though, welds may be shotty, thin glass, ect.

    11$? for a bong? and splitting it?

    might as well make a piece if you are buying an acrylic bong lol.
  15. Go with a $20+ glass bong
  16. splitting an 11$ bong.....please stop smoking! if you are that poor, you shouldnt even "waste" your money on weed
  17. The only time I'd EVER buy an acryl bong is one set aside exclusively for large parties, so some asshat doesn't break my glass one.
  18. Let's leave the underage thing alone. But if they are underage they're going to buy a bong anyway.... I got my first bong in the mail when I was underage too. Get something quality, how about instead of pitching in for an $11 bong. All of you pitch in $11 for a sweet bong.
  19. large, eh?

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