you guys man well listin.

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. :hello: ok im very drunk and on xanies..and when im drunk i get very emontilnal and well i wanna say i love you guys..the cool ones.....;) hehehehehehehehehhhhhehehe wow i think ima snort another xanie...but any ways one more time I LOVE YOU GUYS AND GALS DBW :devious: :metal: :yay: :ey: :gc_rocks: hehehehe cool signs
  2. i dont think xanax has time release, so snorting would be pointless. but im not 100% on that i could be wrong.
  3. yeah your wrong
  4. Sounds like someone is having a good time.

    Im not quite on your lvl mr. bubbles but i cant feel my body =D gotta love the occasionaly yayo binge every few months and a heinekeg!

    and whether or noth railing those xanies will fuck you up more if you rail hits hard and faster usually just because its more broken up when introduced as opposed to breaking down in your stomach.

    then again, I havent ever railed pharmacetucils(sp?) I find just taking one usually has me leaning just enough to feel good at the time.

    whats it like when you take, lets say 4 of 750 mg vics? just rly drunk?
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  5. ok one of my last post before i pass out..ok its matters how much you snort..let say 3 mgs..i would rather snort than take..because i took 3 mgs and didnt feel as much as when i makes you feel well go to . .and look up xanax all you answers are there
  6. nicee man

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