You guys HAVE to see this video! I'm serious!

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  1. Some dudes were tripping on acid one night, and one of them goes into the closet by himself and starts rambling all of this crazy shit, so they put a microphone in there and record him.
    Later on they add CGI animation to the dude's voice.

    Click this shit NOW. And be sure to toke up first. You'll be in stitches - I guarantee!

    [ame=]YouTube - Dan Deacon and Liam Lynch - Drinking Out of Cups[/ame]

    Enjoy! :D
  2. Mr. Balloon hands lol :D
  3. liam lynch is badass.sifl & olly ftw
  4. "Who payed for that floor? Not me, no way.
    Who's chair is that? who brought that god damned chair here it's not my chair.
    not my chair not my problem thats what I say."

    Damn this guy was going crazy. :smoke:
  5. Mr. Walk-way.. Mr. Walk DOWN me - I'm the walkway. Lead me to the building - FUCK YOU...

    I can't stop fuckin laughing! Fuck!
  6. seahorses 4EVA!! :hello:
  7. Oh no shit! I used to love sifl and olly!

    Who was the old guy who always would have a commercial and at the end he would go: "BUY MY ANTI-FREEZE! YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF SUCKERS!!!""

    PRECIOUS ROY!!! PRECIOUS ROY! Making lots of suckers out of girls and boys!

    Fuckin Precious Roy. Hah

    Holy shit, dude.
  8. acid is such a mindfucking drug lmao
  9. Bwaaaahahahahahahah

    Indian in a teepee.

  10. hahaha, that's awesome. Makes me want to meet that guy and shake him by the hand :)
  11. haha yeah this is one of the best precious roy's ever:
    [ame=]YouTube - Precious Roy's Pirate Cripplers[/ame]
  12. Thanks! Watching now!
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    Oh dude - I found shit on Chester! That motherfucker gets me everytime!!!!

    [ame=]YouTube - Sifl & Olly~A Word With Chester~Dreams[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Sifl & Olly - Chester Wants To Be A Spy[/ame]

    Oh shit! Look at the second one!!! Edited to add it!!!
  14. "you don't like the light house you suck"
  15. my favorite part was the chair part. this guy was nuts:smoking:
  16. Haha this is about 4 years old, or more.
  17. thats pretty dick to lock a guy trippin acid in a closet.

    they're lucky he didn't freak out and see demons or some shit haha
  18. no way

    no way

    get real
  19. sounded like he locked himself in the closet

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