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You guys gotta see this..

Discussion in 'General' started by Trip~Oddity, May 26, 2005.

  1. Next time you guys are stoned you gotta rent this movie..Milo and Otis..i used to watch it when i was a kid, and I came across it at blockbuster and got the sudden urge to rent it..I did, I blazed, I saw, and it was great. No talking, just music and a kitten and a pup trekking through the mountains.

  2. wow, even stoned i dont think id have the attention span for that, but i do like my nickalodean when high occasionally
  3. lol......damm i havent seen that movie in ages.
  4. lol Milo & Otis rule!!! There are a few close ones that my stoned ass just can't handle... I'd rather watch while sober. I watched Finding Nemo for the first time blazed. When that shark was chasing him, I was dying. That much drama while high can kill ya! heh. :smoking:
  5. lolll that movie rules!!!

    i'd also recommend Napoleon Dynamite or Blood In Blood Out.
  6. Dude that movie was great. Also, Homerbound is a great movie. I still cry watching it I think=X hahaha.
  7. She looks a little bull leged to me Al!
  8. best movie to watch high???

    The good the bad and the ugly

    dont know why but everytime i think im actually there beside tuco and blondie trying to find that treasure of the unmarked grave..

  9. milo and otis used to be my favorite movie back in the day when i was like 5 problaby, im gonna have to go and rent it, and maybe ill have to try the good the bad and the ugly cause i dont mind that move and yesterday was my last day of school so i should have plenty of time.
  10. The ferret in my av is named Milo after that movie.

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