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You guys ever smoked bud with shiit on it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SSH12, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I don't literally mean shit but I remember I put some bud in my pocket and when I took it out to smoke it it had like dust from my pockets and stuff so we blew it off and still smoked it and got baked hard on one hit. 
    Now yesterday I spilled a dub all over my car and picked it up and it had shit like hair and dust on it so i blew all I could see off till it looked normal. But when I smoked it I got baked but it felt like the exact same high I got ( a little different than a normal high but feels good) when I smoked that bud from my pocket. Idk if it's because i'm smoking dust or some crap too but there's something def there making the high different.
    So my question to you guys is you guys ever smoked bud you've dropped on a dirty ground and still cleaned and smoked it? Was the high the same for you? 

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  2. Carpet freshener don't add to the buzz...neither does pocket
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  3. LOL, did you just imply that you'd prefer shit on your bud? I guess you prefer your buds naturally fertilized or maybe you are unaware that you have a manure fetish.  
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  4. Naah.Didn,t happen to me yet...I am not really leaving it out in the open for it to get mixed with shit that are laying around or something..
  5. Hey.....any of you guys ever smoke your shit....with WEED on it? I was rolling a doob in the bathroom while taking a ........
     You get the idea. LOL
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  6. [quote name="cball" post="19463022" timestamp="1391512718"]new accountbullshit pot storytypical[/quote]This is what the city has come to?!?!?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  7. I came in here expecting poop on your buds. I'm a bit disappointed, not gonna lie Omega369 :wave:
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  8. I'd clean it as well as I can and then smoke it.
  9. When I was young and stupid I spilled a bowl all over a playground with wood chips covering the ground. As I mentioned  was stupid, and I decided it was a good idea to pick it up and keep smoking, ended up inhaling mostly wood chips and very little bud. Did not feel good after that,,,
  10. I've smoked a bowl that had some dog hair and floor crap in it.
    dude you sound like some meth addict
    cut down on the paranoia
    a lot of people register here just to share their stories otherwise they have no incentitive to join
    what bloody benefit does it even give them to write this bs story? d'oh
  12. #12 halowmrstoner, Feb 4, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 4, 2014
    Lol the paranoia resides among the person who perceived the response to be related to meth. I see no clear indication, so are you sane?
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  13. Worst i've done is spill a bowl on the carpet, scoop it back up, pick the hairs out and smoke away. No harm done...Tasted fowl but whatever, the THC content was still there, even if slightly diffused with cat hair/pubes.
  14. Linty weed isn't too bad. So long as it burns fine and isn't heinous to your lungs you're probably good to go.
    Wet weed on the other recently had 2Gs I was going to put in a blunt get super wet lol. Just kept using a torch on it and smoked all of it. Harsh taste but still did the job. Tasted like decarbed bud almost.
  15. We have two cats and a dog in our house and its a given that there will be a stray hair floating towards the breakdown tray. So unfortunately, yea I'm pretty sure I've smoked a few hairs in my day. /cry--------------------------------------- Smoke On! c(o.oc)
  16. You got high?
    No harm no foul.
    I am sure everyone in their early days scrounged at least a little spilled bud from somewhere sometime.
    Nowadays if I drop some I shrug my shoulders and break out a fresh load. Just can't be bothered chasing and cleaning a linty load.
  17. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391579505.270214.jpg Dog ate my stash. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  18. Are you talking about drying cat/dog turds, and then mixing it in the bud to make a poop spliff? Cuz that's kinda... Shitty

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