You guys ever burp smoke

Discussion in 'General' started by TheDirtyPoncho, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Have you ever just taken a huge hit and swallowed some, and later you burp some smoke out and it tastes like shit. Its funny but freaks me the fuck out.
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    Try Searching. This same thread was started this evening. (Well, technically it was yesterday)

    Burping Smoke...
  3. I will not search ridiculous things. It just came across my mind
  4. i think every stoner has hd this happen one time or another when ripping a big ole bong. :) Not enjoyable but kinda funny
  5. Sometimes i gag because its gross. And sometimes it wont happen for a long time and then it does and it scares me.

  6. Why not?? It probably would have been faster that starting a whole new thread. Especially when one was just started like 6 hours ago.
  7. I like mine better.. ;)
  8. Touché
  9. lol yeah it happened to me even though its like 3 mins after i smoked.

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