You guys decide whether I blaze or not.

Discussion in 'General' started by Sir Tokes Alot, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. I have enough herb for 1 sess cuz I am low on money. Should I blaze it now before sleep or tomarrow when I wake up. Please help me make the right decision.
  2. There is no right or wrong. You make the choice you decide, the right one. Its only right if you decide it, and are happy with the result.

    However, if you put a gun to my head, id say do it, never know what tomorrow will bring.
  3. As it stands, its 2:1 for blazing now, that seems pretty stacked in favour of sparking up right now.:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
    You cant deny those un-beleivably clear results dude, ITS 2:1!!!
  4. This is completly up to poll. At 10:05 est which ever has more votes is the decision.
  5. I give reps to this man def agree with him to the fullest lol thats why im without weed right now too:mad:

    but its up to you man i mean if you think that you can smoke and pass right out than by all means if you think that your just gonna smoke and be up for hours hoping and wishing that you had more nug than just save it for 2morrow so you can get up and find a way to get more nug after you smoke
  6. Well, heres the way I see it.

    You blaze now, have fun then go to bed.
    You blaze when you wake up, stay high for awhile, then wind down and start wishing you had more bud.

    So with that in mind, I would blaze tonight. :D
  7. tomorrow....dont get high and go to bed if you only ahve a little left. get high and go about ur day i say.
  8. He wants us to make the descision. Thats why he made this thread, lol.
  9. You'll enjoy it if you save it for the morning.

    Also you can be all excited like it's Christmas and shit..

    Wish I could just blaze you up tomorrow morning so you could smoke it tonight! :D
  10. morning bake sessions are always the best.
    plus you know damn well if you burn tonight, tomorrow you'll wish you hadn't
  11. 2 mins 2 go and its tied. And remember I am not deciding I don't care either way I just think it is fun to let u all decide for me.
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    wow tied. we extendin poll till 10:10
  13. I believe I may have been the deciding vote.
  14. Tomarrow it is.
  15. lol its 50 50
  16. lol just blazed it now and I am glad I waited I am really baked.
  17. Thatta boy! Glad to hear it
  18. definatly worth the wait.
  19. Good on ya, but smoke it if you got it is my mentality at the moment :smoke:

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