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you guys are not gunna belive this shit...

Discussion in 'General' started by G13haze420, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. So I was just coming out of the forrest with a spliff I rolled and toked by the stream, I figured I would finish it on the way home as I started skating on the sidewalk a fucking cop car popped out of nowere so I toss the roach and the cop stares at me, he gets out and says "I saw that!" He walks into the bushes and finds the roach then I'm thinking I'm fucked, but then the cop says "you wanna score some purple haze?" Now ime baked out of space and don't know what the fuck to I said what I would say if anyone else asked me that I asked how much? He ended up selling me a full banky the size of my hand for R200 (don't know how much that is in dollers) so yeah...luckyest day of my life!
    I still don't know what the fuck went on! All I know is that I scored some sweet weed for a fucken good price
  2. I don't believe you
  3. you right i dont believe you .....
    but if its true then he probably just took it from someone else and sold it too you lol
  4. haha u must not be from america if you can buy weed from a cop lmao
    he probaly took it off someone and sold it to you lol
  5. Its south africa, the cops here do more crime than anyone else

  6. I don't blame you, the shit happend to me and I still don't beleve this shit!
  7. Now I believe you

  8. Lol, I actualy wanna leave this fucking place, ima move to CA in 2014
  9. Obvious Troll is Obvious. but if the currency is R then youre probably in africa, and we all know corrupt cops are corrupt
  10. Ya man, I hear of peopple who got beaten half to death for just fucking retarded reasons like the fact that theyr white by the cops here,
  11. Fucked up country, dats why I'm going to CA
  12. holy shit man that is literally fucking insane!! oh my god man. What the fuck

  13. Ya man, its pretty fucked up, but its not all the cops, just the majoroty
  14. damn thats a trip. ive heard people say the cops are a gang, but i guess its really true over there
  15. I guess they see it as revenge for apartyd, but that had nothing to do wit us, that was like our great grandfathers
  16. You were alive in the apartheid era
  17. Yeah, but I was like two young to do shit to anybody
  18. what is it like smoking a joint in the woods in africa?? what animals do you see and stuff man?

  19. Its not much different from there by you guys hey, just a lot more snakes and shit but I love it, its the only thing ima miss about SA is the wildlife
  20. And you can't go out at night in places where I stay like limpopo because of hippos and lions and shit. But its fucken beautifull man

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